Your Money’s Worth

Beneful Keeps Your Dog Healthy And Active

The main reason that we bought our dog was to help keep our home safe from intruders. Having a dog in your house is a deterrent for possible threats. People are less likely to approach your home when they hear a dog barking. It makes your home look active, like there is always someone home. Having an alert watch dog is better than a security system in some neighborhoods. A watch dog is a protector that makes sure that no one takes advantage of your household while you are away, and they keep an ear out while you are home or asleep.

Keeping Your Dog Active

We learned pretty quickly that we couldn’t feed our dog just anything if we wanted him to be a good protector. We feed him Beneful premium dog foods because it keeps him active all day long. Our dog chows down on Beneful’s Chopped Blends. It looks like a great and tasty meal for him. It smells great, too. It has this lovely aroma because it is made with real ingredients that dogs should eat. I trust Beneful, and I trust the way they make their foods. They always impress me when I open up a new package of Chopped Blends for my dog.

Chopped Blends comes in 20 different flavors, so there seems to be an endless supply of new tastes for our dog to experience. It seem like our dog likes the taste of the one made with real chicken and tomatoes best so far, but he likes them all. He just seems like he likes that one in particular the most, so I make it a point to pick up an extra one of that type when I go to the pet store. My dog also likes Beneful’s dog treats.