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Best Reasons To Use New AI Visual Search Technology And Slyce

Visual Search Technology Assisted By New Developments In AI

Major retailers are having an easier time conducting business while getting consumers the products they want in a more efficient manor. This has been the case since online shopping became a large industry. People are now able to use the luxury of their smart phone’s camera to search for products. They can find basically anything in their environment to purchase without the hardships of standing in long lines. This is especially useful in times around the holidays because we all know how long those lines can be around those times. The news source MIT Technology Review has published an article divulging a number of interesting companies that use AI assisted visual search technology to their benefit. Amazon had attempted to release a smart phone with a visual search app, and Google has their own version, also.

Leading Visual Search Technology : Slyce

With Slyce, users are able to find anything in their surroundings and have a number of other useful tools to their benefit in searching for products online. They have their own customer care department that has the sole jobs of helping users with the app and helping users find their product. They are like shopping assistants for the users, and they can be reached via chat messenger on the app, so it’s easy to get ahold of them from the user’s perspective.

Slyce has a system that is designed to help users find products even if they are out of stock. This is one of Slyce’s newest features, and it is making the shopping experience much easier for those hard to find items. Especially around the holidays, users encounter items that are limited edition, limited quantity or sold really fast. Slyce Link is a feature that is designed to pair the user’s primary search with similar items by using the visual search technology conducted on the original photo that the user took.

This way of shopping is surprisingly lucrative for retailers. Slyce works with large chain retailers and smaller online shops to bring the users a great savings. Savings and the convenience of not having to go to the store are great reasons for every consumer to give Slyce a try.