Talk Fusion Unveils Free Trial User Accounts

Talk Fusion saw their 2016 year as one of the finest over their past decade of work within the video marketing business. Talk Fusion is, of course, led by CEO and Founder Bob Reina with the explicit mission statement of putting customers and clients where they need to be on the right side of video marketing. Established in 2007, Talk Fusion found almost instant success on the market. Now they are celebrating their 10th anniversary and recent success by offering a free month long trial to new users.

The Free Trial User account is looking at giving potential Talk Fusion customers the chance to really hone in on their video marketing outreach while embracing the Talk Fusion marketing suite to help capitalize on their product. Talk Fusion is all about putting resources in front of companies so that they can find a way to embrace their customers on the ever expanding internet.

Far different than conventional free trial accounts, the Talk Fusion Free Trial account has access to everything that makes Talk Fusion great. Users will be able to access the entire video marketing suite which includes the award wining Video Chat app, Video Email, Live Meetings, Newsletters and more. Alongside these actual programs users will also be able to dip into the Talk Fusion library of resources and information. This library of information offers users full tutorials, step by step instructions, and user crafted guides to utilize the Talk Fusion suite to their fullest extent.

Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina has always been at the forefront of Talk Fusion’s latest endeavors. Reina took some time to speak about the free trial account that they are offering on the newly re-designed website. Reina said, “We wanted to put Talk Fusion’s products into as many hands across the world as fast as we could.” Reina, who came up with the entire video marketing suite, has always been open and honest about his product. In fact, Reina’s early charisma and faith in the Talk Fusion program are probably one of the biggest reasons that the company succeeded before establishing their own name. Learn more;