FreedomPop Expanding Inexpensive Services

FreedomPop is all about giving individuals the choice of inexpensive mobile services. For many people, they have seen their mobile phone service cost increase drastically over the last decade. With the inclusion of texting and the inclusion of data, many people have seen their mobile phone bills exceed triple digits. That is before ever considering going overseas with the phone. Many people see their bills triple in cost if they decide to use their phones in different countries. Whether using it for the data or for the talking ability, the cost of someone using their mobile phone can drastically increase several times over. However, FreedomPop does not think that should be the case. That is why it recently raised over $50 million in order to create a reliable connection with overseas carriers, all in hopes of cutting down what customers are likely going to pay while out of the country.

For the time being, international roaming fees are part of the world of mobile phones. When a user of one carrier enters into a different country, their phone connects to the new carrier. This takes up some bandwidth on the other carrier, so the carrier charges the native carrier a price per minute. This amount is typically low. However, most large carriers than exploit the service and charge a customer far more than what the company had to pay. FreedomPop does not do this. This way, consumers can pay far less than ever before. However, the raised $50 million will a long way to push these prices further down.

With the raised money, FreedomPop is making deals with large overseas networks to allow customers the ability to use the international networks at a lower cost. This makes FreedomPop the go-to network for anyone looking to travel internationally in the future.