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Have You Seen What Jon Urbana’s Been Tweeting This Week?

This dude really has the tweeting thing down pretty good. Jon Urbana’s expertise in lacrosse, piloting, business, and photo art now extends beyond NLLC and into internet communications. The sheer variety of tweets and LinkedIn posts Urbana makes draw attention to internet news, articles, good causes like Earth Force, and images that a huge array of people will want to check out. It’s why Bloomberg wrote about Jon Urbana and all the stuff he’s got going on.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana enjoys posting links about popular music. Jon’s dance music and rap selections are the frequent subject of tweets. “DJ FORTN1GHT – Just Have a Good Time” is available for the listening enjoyment of anyone in the mood for, well, having a good time musically.

Barefoot water skiing” is nothing new if you’ve been keeping up with Urbana on his Facebook page. People have been doing it for ages. Checking out images on his personal site of people taking part in the activity is eye-opening to say the least. The feet have to be a little sore after hitting the surface of the water at such speeds. Perhaps the rush and thrill of playing lacrosse for Villanova makes everything worth it.

The Carolina Panthers have their fans and their detractors. There are even those who like to compose “odes” to the team. The Panthers are going to be the subject of a lot of sports writing in the coming weeks. Check out the Reddit article that publishes the aforementioned About Me commentary.

Everybody wishes they could make some more money at work, even Jon Urbana while he flies. A pay rise, however, is sometimes out of the grasp of Ellipse USA’s employees like Jon Urbana, even the most deserved of one. Buzzfeed has an article on how to (possibly) get a pay rise. The article mixes quite a bit of not-so-serious humor with a few very serious and legitimate points about landing an increase in salary.

Speaking of serious, the tweet about “gangster warlords” in Latin America may send a chill up and down the reader’s spine. While no one likes to hear of such things, turning a blind eye to criminal enterprises is not a good thing either.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

The image of “Croissants” is great for those seeking insight into Jon Urbana’s taste in photo art. Insight into his taste in food is revealed as well. Following the tweet link to Urbana’s blog expands access to a wide range of his favorite bits of photo art and music.

Shaygan Kheradpir to Lead Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has moved from Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners into the role of Chief Executive Officer for Coriant, which supplies innovative networking solutions in over one hundred countries. Their clients include nine of the ten top global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSP) in addition to government agencies and cloud providers. With over thiry-five years of technology expertise and 1,800 patents, Coriant holds the world record for transmission capacity over hollow core fiber at 57.6 Tbps. Kheradpir will succeed current CEO and President Pat DiPietro who will return to his role as an operating partner at Marlin as well as hold the Vice Chairman position at Coriant. Mr DiPietro warmly welcomes Shaygan Kheradpir to Coriant and offers his praise for Kheradpir’s caliber of executive leadership.

Shaygan Kheradpir plans to drive Coriant’s growth by focusing on what matters most to the end-user. With over twenty-eight years of executive experience in the telecom, technology and financial service industries, he will bring a diverse set of skills along with his own brand of focused operational execution to Coriant. His technical experience puts him in an excellent position to provide data-intensive end user applications. After having worked closely with the Coriant’s senior management team for a year now, he is already positioned to provide a growth strategy to continually move the company forward.

Kheradpir started his career in 1987 working in network routing and management for GTE. He eventually graduated to Chief Information Officer for GTE before becoming the first CIO/CTO for the newly merged Verizons Communications firm. To the companies benefit he formed small teams that were responsible for coming up with new product ideas and implemented a thirty day cycle to rapidly test new developments. He later moved on to Barclays as Chief Operating Officer, contributing to the development of customer products and being the first executive team member to have a technology background. Before joining with Marlin Mr. Kheradpir was CEO of Juniper Networks where he put in place cost cutting plans which resulted in a three-billion dollar return to shareholders over three years.