One Life to Live: Changing Daytime Television

For years, daytime television has been a sacred place. However in 2013, we had to say goodbye to one of the best and longest running soap operas of all-time. That’s right, 2013 marked the year that One Life to Live came to a close.

For those who don’t know, One Life to Live is an American soap opera that ran for more than 43 years. It started in 1968 and ended its television run in 2012. However, from there the show went on to be aired strictly online. Channels like iTunes and Hulu broadcasted the show every day from April 29 to August 19, 2013. After that, though, the show was no more.

While there were a lot of great aspects about One Life to Live, it was best known for having characters and actors of all different backgrounds. There were individuals of all races and social statuses. This allowed the show to really delve deep into social issues that were often brushed aside on television.

One Life to Live has also featured some of the most well-known actors and actresses out today. For instance, the show starred the likes of individuals such as Tommy Lee Jones, Lawrence Fishburne, Blair Underwood, Nathan Fillion, Hayden Panettiere and Ryan Phillippe.

Another actress that had a great run on One Life to Live is Crystal Hunt, the popular Instagram celebrity. One Life to Live fans will know that she played Stacy Morasco from February 2009 to February 2010. Hunt reprised her role of Stacy twice after that. The first time was in March 2010. The second time was in January 2012. That time around she appeared as a ghostly figure in Clint Buchanan’s vision of hell.

Since Hunt’s time on One Life to Live, she has appeared in movies like The Derby Stallion and Sydney White, and she’s also featured in the brand new Magic Mike film. She also teamed up with her longtime friend to produce the film Talbot County. That’s not all, though. Hunt also opened up a high-end pet boutique in her hometown of Clearwater. The boutique is called My Pets Dream Boutique.

Anyone who watched One Life to Live knows what a role that soap opera played on daytime television. Without it, our world would simply not be the same. Thanks to the storylines, actors and actresses, so many individuals had something to look forward to on television every single weekday. One Life to Live, television would definitely not be the same without you.