Reputation Online

Getting Your Reputation Trashed Online Can Be Fixed

Congressman Anthony Weiner became notorious for sharing pictures of his male equipment on social media. He probably could not believe how quickly the online blow-back ended his political carrier. It happens to many people these days, and it can be because of malicious trolls smearing you, or it can be because you got too inebriated and drunk-shared a picture online that you would never want your customers, clients, or employers to see. Then those people do see it, because someone you had not expected shared the incriminating photo! Here is the article about Weiner’s reputation failure.
The very first thing to do? Do not let yourself slide into disorienting panic. Even one bad post can poison your personal or business’s reputation. It could be something that you might think is fairly innocuous, but which the general public will typically respond badly to. The second thing to do is to get into action and hire a professional reputation recovery and management company. These companies are adept at making such smear campaigns go away and giving your business and your life a second chance. That is to say, when they are done, no one will likely find the old, problematic post in any online searches.

Here are the next steps to take, according to reputation recovery experts, in order to retake your life back:

  • Generate positive actions.
  • Admit to the problem and determine to fix it.

Of course, to do this recovery of your reputation or your company’s reputation correctly, it is important to retain one of these reputation recovery firms. They will quickly help you make, whatever online faux pas is causing you problems, go away. One thing they will do is contact the web admins for any web page that contains the offending data. If the admin refuses, you might need to get an attorney to ask a judge for an injunction against the offending company. In this way they can be forced to remove the damaging picture, video, sound recording, or text comments. This is now possible because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that the U.S. made into law, recently.