Refugee Crisis

George Soros: How to Deal with the Migration Crisis

George Soros is a Forbes billionaire who resides in the United States. He is very knowledgeable, and his opinion on critical issues is always respected. He has predicted several calamities that have ended up happening, and this makes people follow his advice whenever there is a problem.
Not long ago, George Soros had predicted on that the European Union was on the verge of collapsing, and true to his words, the union has experienced some tough times in the past. He advocates for an open society, and he has been seen on several occasions asking for the European nations to embrace the same.

According to the billionaire, the union should first accept responsibility for failing to have a common asylum policy. This problem has led to the growing number of refugees from a small manageable issue to a huge international crisis that has affected the union. George believes that the countries in the union have only been keen on their problems, and most of the time, they have acted in a selfish way, ignoring the other nations in the union. This neglect resulted into a pain in the people seeking for a place to live. The general public and the individuals responsible for maintaining law and order also panicked. However, the refugees were the main victims.

The European Union must come up with a good plan in order to deal with the ongoing crisis, according to George Soros. The plan should be assertive and assures effective governance of the asylum seekers. The refugees should be able to get a place safe to settle and then settle in an orderly way. The union should clearly show that they will absorb these people in the right manner too. This plan should extend even beyond the borders in Europe. George Soros believes that it will be less disruptive and even less costly to maintain the potential asylum seekers in areas that are close to their present location.

The origin of the refugee crisis is believed to be coming from Syria, and this means that the fate of the Syrian population must be given the priority, and this way, the crisis will finally come to an end. However, the other asylum seekers and immigrants must be taken into consideration too, and this will ensure that such a problem does not happen in the future. George Soros says that the plan should be accompanied by a response from all nations in the world to be completely effective. This will mean that the Syria crisis will be evenly distributed in a bigger number of countries, and this will reduce the burden on the countries in the nearby locations.

George Soros is a billionaire and a great philanthropist who is based in the United States. He is the founder of the Soros Foundation and the Open Society. He was born in Hungary, but he was educated in London. He has earned his wealth as a hedge fund manager in the United States, and he has helped a huge number of people in many nations.