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Wikipedia is bogged down by bureaucracy


Wikipedia is a commonly cited source of information. Everyone appreciates having a one-stop shop to get the information they need. While people love Wikipedia, it is fallible. A recent study found that Wikipedia has a deeply embedded bureaucracy that makes updating information on the site almost impossible.

A recent article in Science Alert revealed that Wikipedia has an embedded group of bureaucrats that control everything. At one time, Wikipedia was an extremely democratic organization. Every person once held the same amount of influence on the site, but over the course of the last decade, an oligarchy has formed. There are around 30,000 regular editors on Wikipedia, but the core rules and edits are all decided by 100 key users. These users dominate the internal bureaucracy of Wikipedia, developing rules like “Be Neutral” and “verify everything”. This leadership class has an incredible impact on the website.

Many researchers now believe that Wikipedia’s leadership class is actually inhibiting the growth of the website and discouraging people to make a Wikipedia article. Wikipedia has seen a decline in membership for the last several years, and this slowdown should continue for years to come. If Wikipedia cannot find a way to reorganize, then they are in real trouble for years to come.

Wikipedia editors and their expansive bureaucracy can be extremely hard to navigate, making it impossible for many businesses to keep their Wikipedia pages up to date. Fortunately, there are several sites that specialize in writing and Wikipedia pages. The best Wikipedia revision service on the market today is probably Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is a specialized service that businesses can hire to keep their Wikipedia pages in top notch shape.

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Wikipedia has a huge influence on the way people think, but Wikipedia has become bogged down in an oppressive bureaucracy that discourages people to make a new Wiki page. This bureaucracy is difficult to navigate, but Get Your Wiki makes it easy to keep your page updated.


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