FreedomPop Should Be Everyone’s First Choice When They Want Low Priced Cell Phone Service

Although most people prefer to have cell phones, there are some that are using cell phone tablets. There are tablets that can make phone calls and go on the Internet, similar to a cell phone, and these tablets can even send text messages. Not every company will support these types of tablets, but FreedomPop supports them, and even the free service that FreedomPop offers can be used in a tablet phone. Those who want to switch over from a different company will enjoy using FreedomPop’s services, especially if they have a tablet phone, or even if they have a regular smartphone.

One thing that makes FreedomPop unique and different from other companies is the fact that they have very low prices that are lower than any other known cell phone company out there. While most companies are trying to get their prices lower, the lowest noted unlimited cell phone plan is around $30, but FreedomPop charges $20 a month for their unlimited cell phone plan. Even the biggest name companies, such as AT&T and Verizon will charge $100 or more for their unlimited cell phone plans, and that’s if they are still offering them, especially since they canceled them before, in the past.

No one can lose using the FreedomPop $20 unlimited cell phone plan because of the high-quality of the service as well as the low cost. Those who’ve been looking for a way to slash their cell phone bill in half will do even better if they go to FreedomPop because it’s likely that they will be paying as little as 25% of their current cell phone bill. Who wouldn’t want to save up to $80 a month on their cell phone bill by switching to FreedomPop, especially if they are charged additional fees for extra data usage?

Many want to be able to use their cell phone without worrying about going over a minute allotment. It’s also necessary to be able to send as many text messages as possible as well as being able to use data as necessary, so most people prefer unlimited cell phone plans. Since FreedomPop has a very low-cost unlimited cell phone plan, many are making the switch to FreedomPop, and many are also happy and satisfied with the service they are receiving. FreedomPop also sells excellent smartphones at low prices, so it’s possible to get great name brand phones at a low cost.

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RCR Wireless Interviews FreedomPop’s CEO

Impressive News About FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a company that I have been following closely for some time now. They have really offered a lot to consumers in terms of a free service for phone usage. Their free service includes 200 MB of data and 200 talk time minutes or messages. From there, users can choose to upgrade. Upgrading the plan is entirely optional, of course. Some users that have a low amount of monthly phone usage choose to not upgrade the phone service with FreedomPop. However, many users choose to upgrade their plans at some point. These exact details were discussed in a recent interview with the CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop.

Stephen Stokols, CEO of FreedomPop, took part in a short video interview with one of the members of RCR Wireless. Some people will be familiar with RCR Wireless’ weekly segment that FreedomPop took part in, called Carrier Wrap. The segment gives interested parties a recap of the latest new in the phone services market. This week’s segment with Stephen Stokols gives a lot of valuable insight as to how well FreedomPop is developing in their market.

FreedomPop is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that prides itself on offering a free service for users. Stephen Stokols gave some of the details behind how many users actually commit to upgrading this service. He told RCR Wireless that 50 percent of people in the US customer base have chosen to upgrade to a paid program. The company is relatively new in the UK, having been available in this international market for only a few months in total. So far, the number of people to upgrade in the use is at about 40 percent of the users of FreedomPop. Click here to go to RCR Wireless for the interview.

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FreedomPop Makes A New Move In Europe

FreedomPop has made a move into Europe with the help of investors, and their company has planned to offer free services to as many people across Europe. The European market is a large place where there are many people who need better services, and there are many people who are in need of something less expensive than a traditional service. This article explains and article from FierceWireless on how FreedomPop will offer the finest service for the least money to Europeans.

#1: Europeans Are Anxious To Enjoy Free Services

There are traditional services that are simply too expensive for people in Europe, and they have been waiting for the free services that are already available in North America. North America’s free services have made free wireless in Europe popular, and Europeans will eat up the service in two dozen countries.

#2: The Services Have Been Supported By Investors

Massive investors who have been sending in money to pay for free services through FreedomPop, and the investors who have sent in money to help pay for services for those who cannot afford them. There are steeply-discounted plans that allow everyone who needs a cell phone to pay for it.

#3: Why Is FreedomPop Expanding?

FreedomPop is a wonderful company that is providing a needed service for everyone who is short on cash. The cheap services provide more data and talk time, and the free services help those who simply cannot afford anything at all. FreedomPop must expand as they feel it is their duty, and there are many people who are truly grateful to have such an opportunity.

FreedomPop is moving into Europe swiftly with the help of their investors, and those who cannot afford traditional service will find help in the form of discounted plans. The free and discounted offerings from FreedomPop will change the way wireless is offered in Europe.

FreedomPop Expanding Inexpensive Services

FreedomPop is all about giving individuals the choice of inexpensive mobile services. For many people, they have seen their mobile phone service cost increase drastically over the last decade. With the inclusion of texting and the inclusion of data, many people have seen their mobile phone bills exceed triple digits. That is before ever considering going overseas with the phone. Many people see their bills triple in cost if they decide to use their phones in different countries. Whether using it for the data or for the talking ability, the cost of someone using their mobile phone can drastically increase several times over. However, FreedomPop does not think that should be the case. That is why it recently raised over $50 million in order to create a reliable connection with overseas carriers, all in hopes of cutting down what customers are likely going to pay while out of the country.

For the time being, international roaming fees are part of the world of mobile phones. When a user of one carrier enters into a different country, their phone connects to the new carrier. This takes up some bandwidth on the other carrier, so the carrier charges the native carrier a price per minute. This amount is typically low. However, most large carriers than exploit the service and charge a customer far more than what the company had to pay. FreedomPop does not do this. This way, consumers can pay far less than ever before. However, the raised $50 million will a long way to push these prices further down.

With the raised money, FreedomPop is making deals with large overseas networks to allow customers the ability to use the international networks at a lower cost. This makes FreedomPop the go-to network for anyone looking to travel internationally in the future.