Magnises – The Membership That Is Changing The Dynamics Of VIP Industry

What is Magnises?

Magnises is an exclusive membership club started by a young entrepreneur, Billy McFarland. Unlike many other VIP clubs, Magnises is different because it offers unique experiences to its 12,000 members that are almost impossible to get by any other means. For a relatively affordable annual membership fee and monthly charges for certain categories, Magnises is an effort to turn the industry on its head by offering grand discounts, insider access, and off-line social networking opportunities to Millennials aged between 20 and 35. It does not mean that others cannot join the exclusive club. Already, the company has posted $5 Million in revenues, which is significant considering that Magnises is barely two years old.

Benefits of Getting Magnises Membership

Members can get all available benefits using a black-card similar to American Express. In fact, the card can also be linked to a normal credit car enabling members to pay through their credit cards without any hassle on Facebook. As suggested, members get lavish discounts such as $99 a month access to Ally, a premium co-working space which usually goes for $500 or more per month. Similarly, travel enthusiasts can stay at establishments such as Dream Hotels for $79 a night, where rack rates are higher than $250 a night. In addition, club maniacs can access some of the country’s most exclusive nightclubs for only $65 a month, where the cost of an average ticket for one time visit is hundreds of dollars.

Unique Perks

To make things easier, Magnises also offers multiple categories to its members. Unlike other cards and VIP memberships, most members only pay for what they want. Recently, one of the members from New York City described how the card offered him an amazing value when he was able to get a front-row seat at the Hockey game with an open bar. The cost of getting such perks was more than the annual fee that the member had to pay to get Magnises card. Recently, food enthusiasts have also enjoyed private dinner parties with notable chefs and exclusive access to new restaurant openings, among others.

Analysts suggest that the tremendous success of Magnises is due to its intangible benefits, which money can’t buy. These perks include insider access to premium events, meetups with celebrities, behind-the-scene tours, access to sold-out events, front-row seats and numerous other upgrades on Additional examples include members-only evening at nightclubs; secret pop-up at events; best seats in the stadium; private parties for members, discount at hotels and exclusive shopping discounts.

Future Plans for Magnises

So far, Magnises has focused on members from New York City and Washington. Still anyone can get the membership, which does not require any special condition. In the near future, the company has extensive plans to aggressively spread its reach to other U.S. markets. Irrespective of the marketing goals, it is evident that Magnises is a true VIP membership club that has built its reputation on offering a fabulous value to its members, which the industry lacked.