Immigrant Voters

George Soros And The Other Liberal Donors Plan To Team Up

George Soros is a well known businessman and philanthropist. He has had decades of success in both worlds and utilizes both to strengthen the other. Soros is now worth nearly 24 billion dollars and much of the money he gives away. He donates it to charity or he donates it to a political cause. Soros very strongly believes that in order to improve the world, the government must first be improved. His charity, the Open Society Foundations, works to do this. The charity’s goal is to force governments around the globe to be more transparent. His belief that if the people elect an official, which is one of their basic human rights, the official should be open and honest with them.

Soros was also influenced to get involved with charity because of his childhood. His family lived in Budapest in the twentieth century and George was born in 1935. Soros’ family was jewish and Hungary, at that time, was under Nazi occupation. Living in hiding made Soros realize that this type of treatment of people, simply because of their heritage, was wrong. His desire to stop the mistreatment of individuals around the world is what has pushed him to be so involved in society and in governments. Recently, Soros has been very involved in voicing his opinion about the crisis in the European Union and in the upcoming American presidential elections. These opinions were captured in a recent New York Times article.

In the article, Soros talked about how the anti-immigrant sentiment along with the anti-muslim sentiment is not a good direction for America to go in. He went on to say that those who have said such offensive comments should be penalized or punished in some way. The article went on to say how this could actually be used as an opportunity by democrats to sway more immigrants to vote democrat. The article explained that the main obstacle that had been holding democrats back is their giving. Latino group organizers have vocalized that liberal donors tend not to give as much and so the organizations are limited with their scope of influence. So democrats are stepping up with their giving. Soros has teamed up with several other liberal donors to put together a donation of 15 million dollars.

With this large sum of money, they do not want to start a new organization, but rather provide funding and assistance for individuals and organizations who are already on the ground. One such organization is located in Washington and is called the Center for Community Change Action. They are developing a national program there and testing it out.