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Jessica Boskoff interview on The Perfect Palette

Jessica Boskoff is one that does not mind breaking tradition. Her style incorporates a modern style yet she still remains very playful in her approach. Jessica and her brand, Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in NYC, have been using pastel colors and bouquet of flowers to reveal her beautiful approach to styling. The look is matched with the brand very well as it provides a unique image. Jessica Boskoff’s favorite photographers, Vanessa Tierney allows the brand to capture it’s true essence through a very artistic composition of color and shapes. Jessica manages to incorporate very different layers of textures, colors as well as sweet treats. This seems to be the main reason the brand has its name Twenty Three Layers. Jessica Boskoff reveals in the interview that she loves all color yet goes through a phase of preferring some over others. At the time she enjoys blush tones as well as mint and aqua. This shows through the careful use of pastel colors in decor, pillows and desserts.

Jessica Boskoff enjoys spending her time in a creative space where she can let her mind move through other aspects of her life and incorporate that into her work, friends, family and when decorating her own home. She tells us that her style as a designer is forever changing and is not fixed. Utilizing symmetry, beautiful color, textures and lines she manages to inspire others. She also feeds off of the inspiration of others allowing her to continually evolve. Twenty Three Layers provides her with a lot of different avenues from workshops, designing events and doing photoshoots. Throughout her work details are the main focus as this sets her apart from other brands.

Twenty Three Layers is based out of New York and will cater to anyone looking to host a glamorous function or a beguiling evening. Their unique style will impress.