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The Types Of Plastic Surgery That Dr. Rod Rohrich Engages In

Rod Rohrich, M.D., has consistently been ranked as one of the best Dallas cosmetic surgeons for several years now. He has been ranked as one of the best by D Magazine and also earned Texas Monthly’s “Super Doctor” designation. US News and World Report called him one of the best plastic surgeons period, Castle Connolly named in among their top doctors, while Harper’s Bazaar designated him as one of their Best Plastic Surgeons in Texas.As a plastic surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich specializes in four surgeries which are facelifts, breast surgeries, rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty. The last one is the most difficult surgeries in the field of plastic surgery and he has been named as one of the worlds best practitioners of it.

Women want breast surgery for a number of reasons. They might want to have larger or smaller breasts or have better symmetry both between them and with their overall body proportions. Dr. Rod Rohrich is very experienced in working with these patients to achieve the look they are after. He has experience with many implant materials and knows the best places to make incisions so that scarring is minimal and in unnoticed locations. He uses both types of implants, which are silicone gel and saline, and when each type is best used depending on the surgery.People get facelifts in order to look and feel younger.

Dr. Rod Rohrich uses advanced lift-and-fill procedures that leave patients with wrinkle-free appearances. He can also do neck lift procedures when a patient is looking for total facial rejuvenation. In addition to performing this surgery he has also taught it internationally.Dr. Rod Rohrich is best known for rhinoplasty or nose jobs. He takes a modern approach that was developed through thousands of hours of research. He has written numerous articles and books on this subject. When he does revision rhinoplasty he is doing corrective nose surgery on patients who previously had rhinoplasty that turned out poorly. Because the patients nose has already been worked on this is a very complicated surgery involving delicate nasal passageways and other complications.

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Doe Deere the Queen of Unicorns

Lime Crime is all the freedom for customers to be themselves and show off their unique style with big bold makeup colors. Founder Doe Deere was inspired to begin creating makeup when she found a lack of exciting colors to work with. After wearing her creations while working as a musician, she was surprised to find an enormous market that was being overlooked. Doe first registered her DIY makeup brand on eBay in 2004. She modeled the makeup herself and was a one-woman show with handling, creating, and shipping the orders. Lime Crime exploded, and the official brand launched in 2008.


Doe was not always the makeup icon she is today. She was born and raised in Russia where she started her first “business” at thirteen years old selling temporary tattoos to classmates. This entrepreneurial attitude evolved into Doe taking the plunge to follow her dreams of moving to New York and becoming a musician by the age of seventeen. She worked as a song writer and promoter for the band, which led to her meeting her current husband. While living in New York and working as a musician, Doe also attended FIT and majored in fashion design where she learned more tricks of the trade. Fourteen years later, Doe moved to Los Angeles, where she and the Lime Crime brand reside today.


Color is a big part of Doe’s story and how Lime Crime came to be. Even at a young age she loved experimenting with color in makeup, clothing, hair, you name it! Creating a brand that revolved around bright and fun colors was a dream come true for her and her fellow “unicorns“. Every step forward Doe has taken with the Lime Crime brand – moving from lipsticks and eye shadow into hair dye and even press-on nails – has always been due to her “passionate listening” for what her customers want and what direction the makeup market is heading. There have been bumps along the way with the brand, but Doe has always worked, and promises to continue working, to adhere to the original dream and the high standards that make Lime Crime such an incredibly popular brand. Learn more:


Doe Deere and Running a Business as a Woman

Doe Deere is the colorful and chic visionary responsible for Lime Crime, a celebrated Los Angeles, California makeup brand. Deere participated in an interview with Galore mag that discussed the world of entrepreneurship for women and beyond. Interviewer Stephanie Janetos asked Deere if her childhood had anything to do with her dream of making her very own makeup brand. Deere responded by saying that she’s always been a highly creative person, even during early childhood. She said that’s she’s always been highly enthusiastic about color and that she had a penchant for getting into her mother’s cosmetics collection.

Janetos also wanted to know about Deere’s earliest recollection of cosmetics. Deere responded by discussing a sleepover with a couple of her closest friends. She was nine years of age during this slumber party. The youngsters were attempting to communicate with spirits. They had wondrous costumes but realized that things weren’t 100 percent “correct.” That’s when it dawned on the young girls that they needed to apply a bit of makeup. Deere took charge of the situation and put pink eyeshadow, brown lip gloss and winged eyeliner on her buddies. She applied the makeup poorly but it made the whole event all the more unforgettable.

Janetos wanted to find out what compelled Doe Deere to call her famed company “Lime Crime.” Deere stated that the name simply appeared in her brain out of nowhere when she was trying to come up with a name for a brand new shop on eBay. This happened on 2004. Since Lime Crime wasn’t yet taken on eBay, Deere happily signed up for it herself. She liked that it reminded her of her beloved vivid green color. She also appreciated that it rhymed.

The interviewer also inquired about the fact that Lime Crime is so Internet-centric. She asked if Deere was happy about that. Deere replied by saying that there are pros and cons to looking after businesses that are so dependent on the digital world. She said she loves how quick communications with customers are thanks to the Internet.

Deere was born in Russia in 1981. She spent her formative years however, in the Big Apple. She has a long history on the Internet as a style icon. She doesn’t only focus on making cosmetics, either. She also focuses on the world of fashion design and all that it entails.

She has a strong Internet presence. Her Instagram account, for example, has hundreds of thousands of followers and is growing every day. Deere uses her Instagram page to put the spotlight on new looks and products.

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