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Jason Hope: Arizona Futurist Supports Research Causes

Antiaging research has come a long ways over the last several decades. However, traditional medicine continues to merely view aging as a natural occurrence and focuses on the treatment of symptoms rather than the prevention of diseases. This is changing as new organizations around the world are beginning to initiate innovative research that is dedicated towards finding the causes and preventing these diseases from ever occurring in the first place. One such organization, the SENS foundation, has benefited greatly from the philanthropy of Jason hope a prominent Arizona entrepreneur and businessman. Jason hope donated half $1 million to the organization eight years ago in 2010. With this significant donation, the foundation was able to build a new laboratory in Cambridge that is devoted towards researching new ways to treat age-related diseases through the use of regenerative medicine.

Already, the organization has developed a way to break down glycation end products. This is a significant step forward in the world of age-related disease treatment. The organization’s name is an acronym for scientifically engineered negligible senescence. This may sound complicated, but it is really a statement about the foundation’s research goals. Senescence is the age-related decline in organisms physical capabilities. There are organisms in the world such as the lobster which does not display any age-related decline in their physical abilities. This is known as negligible senescence. Humans are not like this. Over time humans are known to age, and their bodies break down causing an increase in weakness and frailty of the human organism. By utilizing innovative biotechnology solutions, the company hopes to target the cellular and molecular breakdown caused by aging and prevent this. This is known as engineered negligible senescence.

Jason Ho believes that aging can be stopped and as such has pledged to support to this organization in addition to a number of other scientific research initiatives. As a futurist Jason hope has dedicated himself towards investing in technologies that promise future applications across all industries. For example, the Internet of things which is the network which connects all interconnected devices is another area that he has displayed interest in. The hospitality industry is poised to take significant advantage of new technologies that have been enabled by the advent of the Internet of things. By keeping devices interconnected, consumers will be able to experience even more exceptional comfort delivered through more and more seamless means. In the next two years, over 20 billion devices will have been connected to the Internet of things, and it will only continue to grow.

Jose Auriemo Neto and The Latest News About His New York Projects

There are plenty of interesting and even inspiring stories we can read today about great business leaders like Jose Auriemo Neto. Just as we read business success stories to learn more about business leadership, we will read news items about Jose Auriemo Neto to get an idea of how surviving successful business leaders operate and function. Let’s start.

The New York Visit

In a report from Glamurama, a news site in Brazil, we learned that the entire family of entrepreneur Jose Auriemo Neto, including him, spent about six months in New York, their children even enrolled in schools there. This news is timely related to the fact that Mr. Jose is already building the high-rise apartment building it envisions to construct on Fifth Avenue, which directly is just across the Central Park in New York. This news of moving to New York is just an indication that Mr. Jose is opening himself up to a lifestyle that only living in New York would teach him.The fact that he’s moving to New York for quite some time is also a marked indication that he wants to get the feel of what it is to be in New York and to put his entire family in the same experience. Only through living in the same place where he is building his projects can he understand its terrain. Without such empirical experience and strategy, it would be hard for Mr. Jose to understand the needs of those who will soon be leasing his New York projects.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Business stakeholders know Mr. Neto as the Brazilian executive responsible for the growth of JHSF Participacoes SA, a real estate developer in Brazil that offers an outstanding array of fantastic projects both for consumers and business investors. He is now the man overseeing the company’s shopping complex, hotels and public projects.

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Paul Mampilly Explains Why The Internet Of Things Drives Future Investments

Paul Mampilly is an author and investor who alerts his followers to big technological breakthroughs that he usually states will bring in massive profits, and one thing he’s been looking into recently is the Internet of Things. This is technology that’s already starting to move its way into the mainstream but is still coming out in various formats. The feature Internet of Things technology is artificial intelligence which is already being put out by IBM in their Watson system, but it will later have more smart technology such as home systems and appliances, and soon self-operating vehicles will also hit the road. Mampilly encourages investors to grab some of these stocks while they’re still low in 2018 because a couple years later could turn up huge for them.

Paul Mampilly has spoken about his professional career and passion for investing, and he attributes it to his family who came from India and sent him to college in the US because they realized this investment could help him get to where he probably couldn’t by staying at home in India. Mampilly started out by working for big banks on Wall Street beginning with his time as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank to managing big accounts for wealthy clients at ING and Banker’s Trust. Mampilly earned his largest paycheck as Managing Director at Kinetics International Fund, a firm that was ranked in Barron’s as the world’s top hedge fund for bringing in investment returns as high as 26%. Mampilly also was recognized by the Templeton Foundation for taking a $50 million investment they gave him and turning it into $88 million all while the recession of 2008 hit its hardest. And even more so was the fact that he never shorted any stocks or made dangerously high-risk investments to do it.

Mampilly made a lot of money in hedge fund management, but he said he was never truly happy because he had to work days as long as 16 hours which detracted badly from family time, and he wanted to serve more people than just the top 1%. So he mysteriously vanished in 2012 and four years later announced that he had become an author at Banyan Hill, a financial newsletter organization that gets all its information from independent research. Mampilly began by writing “Profits Unlimited” a newsletter that helped investors get started buying good low-risk stocks and learning how to build a portfolio themselves. He’s since put out “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” in addition to the free articles on Banyan Hill’s main website. He also was one of the first investors in Facebook and Netflix stocks, and he gives his followers an inside look at his portfolio and business deals. Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly, 10,000% Marijuana Stock

The Successful career of SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is the current Chief Executive Officer at Kerrisdale Capital where he is also the founder. Ever since the company was established, he has worked hard in ensuring that it has registered a lot of success and growth. Sahm started Kerrisdale Capital in 2009 and it is a company which is involved in research. The specialty of Adrangi is in short selling and publishing research. He publicizes the views of his company about stocks which are mostly misunderstood in the market. Sam writes about the aspects of stock which are misunderstood so as to educate the masses. Kerrisdale Capital uses its social media and website to disseminate research.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Sahm went to the prestigious Yale University where he was able to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts in Economics. His first job after graduating was at the Deutsche Bank where he was responsible for carrying out leveraged and high-yield loan debt financings. After working at Deutsche Bank, Sahm went to work at Chanin Capital Partners where he served at the advising creditor committee. The functions of Kerrisdale Capital is to carry out publish research and then share the findings with the public and the relevant authorities. In the past, the company was involved in mining and biotechnology field. Kerrisdale Capital has published and researched on companies that are still in their development stages such as Unilife, Bavarian Nordic, Sage Therapeutics, Pulse Biosciences and Zafgen.

Sahm is also an accomplished activist and has played activism roles for some investment companies. In the year 2013, Adrangi helped Lindsay Corporation Management in improving their allocation polices and cash deployment. In 2014, he also led a contest to replace the directors at the Morgan Hotel Group. Apart from being an active activist, Sahm is also a speaker. He has in the past spoken in several international and national conferences which include the Distresses Debt Investing Conference and The Value Investing Conference. Sahm has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient people when it comes to the field of publishing research. He also serves as a mentor and a role model to young individuals who would wish to venture in his line of work.

Richard Mishaan Design Expands to a new Era

Richard Mishaan Design has accomplished a great many things in his field of work. Being an architecture, he has developed many unique designs for many forms of housing that include modern and luxury. Recognized as one of the world leaders in interior design, Richard Mishaan Design artfully displays his natural talent in the field. He attended the school of Architecture at the University of Columbia as an apprentice. He would soon spread his own wings and boost his firm to one of the world’s best in interior design.

The firm Richard Mishaan Design is well known around the world for it’s innovative and unique style in architecture. Providing different styles to various areas of rooms, the firm has produced numerous satisfied clients around the world. Not only staying home to one idea, the firm has successfully made their firm recognized globally in other countries. The ever expansive Richard Mishaan Design made it this way as he has always known to be an expansive person himself. Growth of Richard Mishaan Design meant that he could soon provided a lot of future opportunities for himself and for the firm.

By becoming so popular in the world of architecture, many people would want to know how he does it, or what drives him to innovate. Richard has more than just one form of knowledge under his belt as he has authored two books that were published and released on November 2014. There are many people out there that have an eye for design, but Richard steps out among them. His innovative interior design and architecture capabilities levitated him to one of the world’s famous in that field. Today the firm stays it’s standings and Richard Mishaan Design still looks to expand as he’s always been driven to. Many expansions are yet to come.


Dallas Investor James Dondero Is Given A Seat On SMU’s School Of Business Board

Jim Dondero is a well-known figure in the Dallas area. Dondero has been helping the Dallas community for years. Mr. Dondero is responsible for setting up the Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation is one of the most giving organizations in Dallas. The foundation supports the Dallas Zoo, the George W. Bush Presidential Library, the Ross Perot Museum and other local nonprofit organizations. Dondero was able to form the foundation because of the success he has achieved in the hedge fund investment world. Jim is the co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is one of the most successful hedge funds in the market today. With more than $16 billion in assets under management, Highland Capital has made its investment partners a lot of money.

Southern Methodist University has received a great deal of support from Dondero and the other executives at Highland Capital Management. SMU is one of the most respected universities in the South. The 11,000 students get a well-rounded education in science, business, and the humanities. Dondero decided he would play an active role in the Cox School of Business on the campus of SMU several years ago. His accounting and finance background, as well as his knowledge of emerging markets around the globe, have helped business students grasp the intricacies that exist in the global market.

The Cox School of Business has a 100-member non-academic board that gives advice and direction to the faculty and students. The Board meets three times a year. During one of the recent board meetings, Jim Dondero was given a seat on the Executive Board. Dondero brings a fresh vision to the Board.

Trying to list all of Dondero’s accomplishments isn’t easy. He is the Chairman of several corporations. NexBank, MGM, Cornerstone Healthcare and NexPoint Residential Trust are some of the corporations that have been helped by Dondero’s leadership. Jim’s main focus has always been investing. He is considered one of the top hedge fund managers in the business. Highland Capital has offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo and New York, so Dondero is busy traveling around the world finding new investment deals in some very unusual places.


Ken Goodgame: A Man Of Vision

The True Value Company saw a reestablishment of the supply chain, logistics, and global distribution network, along with an addition of some new blood in the organization. Who has stepped into the scene? Why, it is none other than Ken Goodman, who was the General Merchandising Manager of Ace Hardware. He made a good fit for True Value; while at Ace Hardware, Goodman created new growth and large sales volumes.

A Novel Idea

Kenneth Goodgame, senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer of the True Value Company, has the novel idea of bringing in goods that are new to the stores and to the industry as well. What is considerably inventive is that the products will provide:

What is the newest and best of the industry
A better reputation for all store dealers
Innovation for the marketplace
Appreciable savings to the customers

New items will arrive four at a time, for a total of 48 in 12 months. Goodgame states, “We know True Value hasn’t necessarily been known for being first to market or for getting new products into your stores quickly. That’s going to change.”

The Man Has Good Endgame

Goodgame certainly has an exceptional record of past triumphs. With a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennesse, he had held several prominent positions at The Home Depot, Newell Rubbermaid, then onto Techtronic Industries North America, before his positions mentioned previously with Ace Hardware and True Value. Goodgame indicated that he would create change at True Value. In reading through his gleaming resume, that should be enough evidence to show that he means business.


Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success


John Goullet: the IT Staffing Expert

John Goullet is a successful New York-based entrepreneur. He has worked in the IT staffing field for almost 3 decades and is very skilled and experienced at what he does. He graduated from Ursinus College where he studied IT and soon after began his career as an IT consultant. He studied and did research on the IT market and identified the unmet need for IT staffing across most industries. He therefore started an IT staffing company, Info Technologies, in 1994. The company aimed to provide personalized services to its clients by reading up on them to understand their organizational structure and values. It then provided the consultants who were the closest match, in terms of skills and personality, to their clients’ needs and preferences.

The company grew rapidly and gained the market’s trust and in less than 5 years, it was serving a good number of Fortune 500 companies. Goullet’s excellent leadership of Info Technologies saw it receive recognition as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. In 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant, LLC. John Goullet has served as the principal of Diversant, LLC since the merger. His foresight and vision have enabled him, on many occasions, to develop products and services way before his competitors see the need for them. This helps Diversant, LLC remain unique in their operations as well as product and service offering.The company provides excellent and affordable IT staffing services to its clients. It uses a customer-focused approach to develop new products and services and always guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. It is one of the leading IT staffing companies in the US.


John Goullet enjoys doing what he does and this always shows forth in the results of his work. His secret to success is always having a good team to work with. He is therefore very particular about the people he hires; they all undergo thorough vetting before joining his team. Mr. Goullet is also a fitness enthusiast. He always begins his day with an intense one-hour workout session before heading off to work.

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A Closer Look at Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the Co-Founder & CEO at Swiss Startup Factory, where he is responsible for the fundraising and finance rounds for the firm. Swiss Startup Factory was founded in 2012 and is a Zurich, Switzerland based startup accelerator.

Prior to his work at the Factory, Mr. Baur worked in Finance, and he possesses 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry. Mike received an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. Max Meister and Oliver Walzer are also Co-Founders at Swiss Startup Factory.

In February of this year, Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) joined forces with the Geneva based Fintech Accelerator Fusion. The endeavor is an effort to join the often disparate French and Swiss German regions of the country. The combined firms’ ability to bridge any language gaps and communicate across the entire nation is an important and impactful benefit of the collaboration.

Another recent collaboration, announced at the end of 2015, and effective as of January, 2016, is the partnership between SSUF and CTI Invest. According to a release from late last year, the two firms “will start a close cooperation in order to further develop the Swiss Startup Ecosystem.” Mr. Baur has been named Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest, a position formerly held by Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier. The appointment of Vuillemier to the Swiss Startup Factory leadership team as a Managing Partner further cements the commitment between the two entities.

The Factory accepts digital entrepreneurs into its three month program and provides them with mentorship, connections in Switzerland and around the globe, and office space located in central Zurich. The next three month accelerator program, S16, begins in September; the application information may be found here. SSUF continues to work with four candidates from the Winter (W16) program: beaconsmind, which works in the sales industry;, an online service for the car repair industry; Struckd, a casual game design service that does not require any programming knowledge on the part of the user; and Velohub / blinkers, an integral safety system for bicycles interacting with other vehicles.

Through his work creating and expanding SSUF, Mike Baur has established a very strong position for himself in the Swiss, and global, entrepreneurial field.

Don Ressler, the Brand Builder and Business Guru

Don Ressler is a personality that is associated with many start-up ventures including Intelligent Beauty and many of its subsidiaries. His first start-up company in the name of was sold to Intermix Media in 2001. Later, Ressler teamed up with Intermix CEO Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media. This e-commerce and performance advertising division generated revenue that ran into millions of dollars. This company too was sold to News Corp in 2005. However, its performance deteriorated due to change in management.

Intelligent Beauty was created by the two partners as an online marketplace for DERMSTORE which dealt with skin care products and cosmetics. SENSA was also added as a platform which provided a weight loss program. These two ventures were highly profitable and contributed significantly to Intelligent Beauty’s revenues. Don Ressler did not stop here as he launched JustFab, an e-commerce fashion subscription retailer. JustFab, was launched through a $33 million contribution by Matrix Partners, has a membership of over 3 million clients in Europe. In 2013, he purchased a children fashion subscription service by the name of Fabkids. This was followed by the launching of Fabletics, which is an athletic wear site that was developed in collaboration with an influential athlete and style icon by the name of Kate Hudson at

The brand building and business acquisition prowess by Don Ressler was once more evident with the acquisition of a rival shoe subscription service company known as ShoeDazzle making it the latest member of the JustFab family of enterprises. He also ventured out into the offline business where he opened his first flagship store in the year 2013. The latest records on Forbes show that the company has a capitalization in excess of $250 million with an ever expanding membership. Since his early days, Ressler has always been consulting with many companies that were ready to exploit the vast potential that existed on the internet.

Don Ressler is a widely known entrepreneur who has raised over $100 million for many of his internet companies and has made sales in excess of $1 billion. He is known for spearheading core ventures which have proved beneficial to shareholders in general. Mr. Ressler and his wife are passionate athletes and have turned the athletic wear industry into a fashion industry. He is a brand builder who knows how to create brands and maintain their edge in a competitive environment.