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Attorney Luciana Lóssio Is A Member Of The Superior Electoral Tribunal

The Superior Electoral Tribunal also known as the Superior Electoral Court is the reigning group in the Brazilian Electoral Justice system. The Superior Electoral Tribunal is made up of one Regional Electoral Court in every state in the country, and the rules are set, according to the Constitution of Brazil. The seven-member Superior Electoral Tribunal is composed of five judges and two attorneys. Attorney Luciana Lóssio is the latest member to join the group. Lóssio is replacing Arnaldo Versiani as Minister Holder of the Tribunal.

Luciana Lóssio graduated with a law degree from Centro Universitário de Brasília, in 1999. Luciana went on and earned three post-graduate degrees, and she is now considered an expert in electoral law. Lóssio worked for the Attorney General of the Republic, and during the seven years, she worked there, she was immersed in the day-to-day workings of the Superior Electoral Tribunal and the Federal Court System. Luciana was able to navigate through the mind-boggling Brazilian legal system. She was able to solve issues and accomplish tasks that other attorneys struggle with. Her peers respected her technical legal skills, and she was well liked by the members of the Superior Electoral Tribunal.

The Superior Electoral Court is responsible for the voting process, and that’s not easy in Brazil. Members of the Tribunal must make sure that voters have a place to vote, and they are responsible for making that place easily accessible. Tribunal members are also responsible for keeping the election process pure. That means making sure that the votes cast are legitimate, and they are counted according to the law. Brazil has 26 states, and many of those states have voters that live in rural areas where voting can be a challenge. It is up to the tribunal to make sure those voters are able to reach a voting location without enduring a major amount of hardship.

Luciana is considered a pioneer in the legal system in Brazil. She served in positions that only men held before she earned her law degree. She is not afraid to face men and debate with them, and that makes Lóssio an excellent addition to the Superior Electoral Tribunal. She is an articulate speaker, and that talent has helped her succeed in the male-dominated world of law in Brazil. Luciana is an avid human rights advocate, and she believes everyone is entitled to vote in national and regional elections.

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