Jelly Beans Of All Flavors

One of the recent vlogs that Wengie has posted on YouTube involves jelly beans that have a slightly different taste than what you would expect. She took on the challenge of trying to determine which color was the real jelly bean and full of good flavors and which one was full of flavors that make you cringe. It’s called the Bean Boozled Challenge, and it’s a popular game among teens and young adults who like eating jelly beans.

There is a large container of jelly beans that Wengie has that looks like a game. When you pull the center of the container up, there are two beans. You don’t know if the beans are the good flavors or the disgusting flavors. The goal of the game is to try the beans without knowing what kind you have. Each person chooses a bean to eat. Wengie decides to smell the bean before she puts it in her mouth. The bean that she chooses is either coconut or spoiled milk. There is a chart on the back of the container that shows the flavor of each bean. Fortunately, she had coconut. The next turn yields the same color. Max chooses a bean that could either be dead fish or strawberry banana smoothie. Wengie’s luck runs out as she has spoiled milk. Max has dead fish in his challenge. The challenge continues as the pair find flavors that are tasty and beans that they spit out because they are so disgusting, such as barf and grass clippings.
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