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Hair Care Advice to Add to Your Routine and Why Wen by Chaz Is Considerable

Hollywood is a place that sets the bar in a multitude of industries. Aside from being home to some of the greatest movie stars and musical artists, talented individuals reside here that specialize in another important field: Hair care. Chaz Dean is a celebrity stylist who is also responsible for the production of luxury hair care blends. Despite his Hollywood demeanor, the formulas crafted by this man are affordable and worth the price by a long shot.
The YouTube advertisements in favor of Wen by Chaz products carry the utmost truth with them. The hair you see the models sporting is the hair that is produced by those who opt to use these incredible products. Whereas most shampoos and conditioners simply cleanse the hair, this opulent brand stimulates the production of hair growth, shine, and volume. Dean’s passion for hair has been apparent his whole life and he places that fervor in each bottle. When it comes to healthy locks, though, many factors should also be considered. Dean sells his products on Amazon.

Avoid Conditioning Your Roots

When applying conditioner to your hair, it is important to start from the middle and work it to the tips. When this thick substance is applied directly to the scalp, it weighs hair down in a way that prevents growth and the appearance of volume.

Let It Soak in

It is salient to never leave conditioner in your hair for extended periods of time, but occasionally deep conditioning for thirty minutes once a month is ideal. Simply apply a Wen by Chaz conditioner to your hair, place a shower cap over it, let it sit for thirty minutes, and rinse it thoroughly.

Heat Protection Is Not a Myth

Some women opt to ignore the warning signs when it comes to using heat products on their hair. Applying heat to your hair often can damage it, so it is important to invest in heat protectant products and to consider leaving that heat out of your beauty routine more often.

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Wen By Chaz Really Does Work

I know everything there is to know about hair. I love it that much. I probably should have been a cosmetologist growing up because I was the little girl who used to obsessively wash her barbie doll’s hair, straighten it and then put rollers in it. You would almost think I had my own barbie salon the way I was so invested in the hair of my dolls. As I’ve gotten older I have become equally obsessed with my own hair and the hair of my friend’s and family. I can see color when no one else can and I am always willing to share suggestions on what I think one should do to make their that much greater. I guess that’s just how I am wired.
Recently I stumbled across an article in Bustle about a beauty blogger who was as equally obsessed with hair as I was and decided to take the Wen By Chaz Dean challenge ( For a little more than a week she used only the sephora fig version of Wen By Chaz on her fine hair and to her surprise the product helped bring her hair to life. She did admit she didn’t follow the Wen By Chaz directions to a tee but she did a darn good job with the direcions she followed.