The upgrade to THREADS 3.1 makes SECURUS more secure and convenient for users

Unveiling of THREADS 3.1

Securus ushered the year 2016 in style with the unveiling of an upgrade of its THREADS investigative software platform to a new 3.1 version and the appointment of a new sales executive. John Bell joined Secures as the senior vice president in charge of sales ( I feel that both events are a great achievement by Securus, but the unveiling of the new THREADS 3.1 is better news to millions of its users who comprise of investigators, law enforcers, and corrections officers. THREADS was originally developed by Direct Hit Systems which was acquired by Securus in the year 2012, as a way of closing the gap between law enforcement and corrections. It allows investigators to comb through millions of integrated inmate data files conveniently at the comfort of their offices (

What’s new in Threads 3.1
The THREADS 3.1 upgrade comes with a myriad of benefits for investigators and corrections systems. This new system has better integration with other platforms including the Secure Call Platform (SCP) used to record and retrieve inmate calls. I would associate this better integration with other systems with the switch from plug-in based Silverlight platform to the new standard HTML 5 platform. With this better integration, multiple users can listen to and analyze a call in real time and do other things on the platform at the same time. This new system also allows for better sharing of context-sensitive reports; inmate data is now safer. The customized mapping and printing feature in the new system allows investigators and corrections facilities to track calls made between inmates that could lead to clues to the past and future criminal activity. The system can easily and more accurately identify and report questionable inmate calling patterns, relations that are crucial to investigations.

Users of the THREADS platform have another reason to smile after upgrading to the new system. This system is a lot easier to use than the previous versions. Law enforcers and corrections officers require less training for the new interface is friendlier than in the previous model. This is an easier to use interface and it comes as a boost to investigations for it makes users access actionable intelligence easily.

Parting shot
The threads 3.1 upgrade brings lots of benefits to investigative communities in the criminal and corrections systems. I can’t forget to mention that Securus has made the upgrade free and available automatically to all existing users ( With the new sales executive in place Securus expects that this new, more acceptable system will reach new markets and enhance corrections.

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Skout Keeps Registered Users Engaged

Every time that a new update surfaces people will have to make a decision. They have to decide if they’re going to push the update or simply delete the app. All app creators are aware of the fact that people can become bored with an app that they may have been eager to try just a couple of days ago. That is why the Skout app creators have unleashed another feature that will provide app users with another opportunity to stay engaged with this app.

This new concept is the travel feature that gives people the opportunity to explore some different cities in different parts of the world. The most interesting thing about this app is the fact that it is an ongoing update. That means that Skout developers are continuing to add virtual tours to this app as time goes on. Every update may contain more virtual city tours, and this is going to be something that keeps a lot of scout users engaged in this type of social media app.

This is a very good thing for this application because it competes with a lot of other social media apps that are out there. There is already a growing crowd of Snapchat users that are forsaking all the popular apps like Facebook and Twitter. Websites and apps can easily fade to black and become forgot as other apps move into app user territory.

MySpace, for example, was one of the most popular websites on the planet at one time. To go to this site and login seems almost laughable for many people that utilized this website heavily less than 2 decades ago. The same thing can happen to other popular apps like Instagram and Facebook. Skout has not even reached this level of popularity so the app developers are well aware of the fact that this is an uphill battle. That is why they have taken great measures to add new and exciting things like the travel feature in order to captivate people that may be interested in taking a virtual tour of a city.

Skout is a website that also has interesting articles that may be amusing to some young adults. There are also features that allow people to date and chat with others online. This makes it one of the new apps for the social media crowd that is pulling away from the more mainstream apps.