Thor Halvorssen Surprises Fox News Host on Socialism

Outspoken human rights activist and film producer, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza recently appeared on the Fox Business News segment The Intelligence Report, hosted by Trish Regan. The segment was on the topic of “Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Agenda.” The first thing Regan asked her guest was why he thinks socialism is a inherent violation of fundamental human rights. Thor Halvorssen, with characteristic specificity, replied that such a statement needed to be qualified. He went on to remark that socialism is not inherently problematic, but rather the extent to which it is implement within a government and that it is generally most destructive when it is used as a mask for would-be dictators to seize power.

After listening to her guest’s remarks, Trish Regan then drove the conversation back to the traditional definition of socialism. Remarking flatly that Bernie Sanders supports, “Have no idea what socialism is as a recipe for how government works.” Ms. Regan then pressed her guest to explain how socialism works but he interjected saying that this greatly depends on a wide variety of factors such as where the definition of socialism is taken from. The definition for socialism can be purely academic definition, a historic definition or even a modern definition of socialism (which Thor Halvorssen pointed out was very prevalent in countries such as Sweden and Denmark who were both democratic and socialist).

Mr. Halvorssen then further elaborated on the topic by saying that his home country of Venezuela has a good example of a bad socialist government as it is a nation whose government’s price tampering has caused massive shortages and horribly damaged the economy. Then Ms. Regan’s guest dropped a surprising fact – he had made the largest possible financial donation to Bernie Sanders campaign. Ms. Regan, obviously surprised at the fact that a man who had so vehemently and consistently decried socialism was now seemingly in favor of it, asked him what caused him to support Bernie Sanders. Film maker Thor Halvorssen replied that it was a simple matter, that, as he had said before, that democratic socialism is possible and that it is imminently preferable to a Hillary Clinton presidency. He qualified this latter condemnation by stating that he could never support a presidential candidate who has taken money from dictators.