Dr. Saad Saad Did Great Work Before Retirement

Dr. Saad Saad is someone who did many great things over the course of his career and he is someone who gave himself to his patients again and again before he chose to retire. He served as the Surgeon-in-Chief at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital. He also served as the Co-Medical Director there. He is someone who developed many new pediatric surgery procedures to better the lives of those patients he served. This man patented two inventions that he came up with and he is someone who always worked hard as he handled his practice and the hours that he had to put in to serve his patients. Dr. Saad Saad handled thousands of complex surgeries on infants and children as he worked as a doctor for over four decades. Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md


The career choice that a person makes when they are young is not always the same one that they choose when they are older. Dr. Saad Saad is someone who thought that he wanted to be an engineer when he was young. He thought that he wanted to do the same kind of work that his two older brothers were doing. In the end, the decided to be a doctor because he wanted to work indoors. He decided to be a surgeon because he wanted to spend time in an air conditioned operating room. There are many children who benefited from the career decisions that this man made.


One medical trend that is emerging and that has Dr. Saad Saad excited is the use of genetics in healthcare. He is excited to see the way that genetics will change how diseases are dealt with and treated. He believes that the use of genetics can help with the treating of cancer and other chronic diseases that many face.


Dr. Saad Saad is someone who attempts to live his life in an organized way and who feels that he can accomplish the most when he does that. When he worked as a surgeon, he had some specific rules regarding his operating room, and those rules affected the way that he worked, as well. He liked the operating room to be quiet and peaceful, and he made sure that it was as it should be before he starting on surgery procedures.

Paul Mampilly Explains Why The Internet Of Things Drives Future Investments

Paul Mampilly is an author and investor who alerts his followers to big technological breakthroughs that he usually states will bring in massive profits, and one thing he’s been looking into recently is the Internet of Things. This is technology that’s already starting to move its way into the mainstream but is still coming out in various formats. The feature Internet of Things technology is artificial intelligence which is already being put out by IBM in their Watson system, but it will later have more smart technology such as home systems and appliances, and soon self-operating vehicles will also hit the road. Mampilly encourages investors to grab some of these stocks while they’re still low in 2018 because a couple years later could turn up huge for them.

Paul Mampilly has spoken about his professional career and passion for investing, and he attributes it to his family who came from India and sent him to college in the US because they realized this investment could help him get to where he probably couldn’t by staying at home in India. Mampilly started out by working for big banks on Wall Street beginning with his time as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank to managing big accounts for wealthy clients at ING and Banker’s Trust. Mampilly earned his largest paycheck as Managing Director at Kinetics International Fund, a firm that was ranked in Barron’s as the world’s top hedge fund for bringing in investment returns as high as 26%. Mampilly also was recognized by the Templeton Foundation for taking a $50 million investment they gave him and turning it into $88 million all while the recession of 2008 hit its hardest. And even more so was the fact that he never shorted any stocks or made dangerously high-risk investments to do it.

Mampilly made a lot of money in hedge fund management, but he said he was never truly happy because he had to work days as long as 16 hours which detracted badly from family time, and he wanted to serve more people than just the top 1%. So he mysteriously vanished in 2012 and four years later announced that he had become an author at Banyan Hill, a financial newsletter organization that gets all its information from independent research. Mampilly began by writing “Profits Unlimited” a newsletter that helped investors get started buying good low-risk stocks and learning how to build a portfolio themselves. He’s since put out “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” in addition to the free articles on Banyan Hill’s main website. He also was one of the first investors in Facebook and Netflix stocks, and he gives his followers an inside look at his portfolio and business deals. Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly, 10,000% Marijuana Stock

Trabuco-The Most Dangerous Weapon Of War Used In The Medieval Period

The Trabuco is a historical weapon that was used during wars in the medieval period. It was a destruction machine where the missiles used were in form of rocks to bring down protective walls and inflict injury to their enemies. The ancient weapon of war is believed to have been a creation of the Chinese people in the 400 BC. They used it to cause havoc among their enemies where they hurled all kinds of projectiles including human skulls, dead bodies, fireballs, large stones among others.

Physics behind the Trabuco Mechanism

The Chinese used the sling technique to come up with the Trabuco war machine since it was bigger and would hold heavier loads according to redetrabuco.com.br. Further, the Trabuco war weapon used the physics application behind its operation whereby it worked by converting the potential energy into kinetic energy. Equally important, the speed of the projectile launched should be directly proportional to the load and force applied though some energy would be dispelled due to friction and gravitational pull on youtube.com. Also, the persons operating the Trabuco had to have made the right calculations to launch missiles effectively. Otherwise, it would backfire or miss the target.

Trabuco Evolution and How Its Usage Ended

Furthermore, there were two types of Trabuco machines established during the middle age that included the traction Trabuco and balancing Trabuco. The traction Trabuco used human effort to fire which when used correctly was effective in launching the missiles to the desired target. However, the larger ones required a lot of work such that at some point they would need a minimum of 250 individuals resulting in a village affair and was very cumbersome. Moreover, the Trabuco was abandoned due to its difficulty in its operation and the balancing Trabuco was invented that used counterweight instead of human strength.

Additionally, the giant Trabuco war machine would fire loads of up to 140 pounds and distances of more than 800 meters away. Also, the war machine was acquired by the Europeans in the 600 AD, where they used it wage war against their enemies. Again, the ancient device was used for more than a millennium and was not disserted until the invention of gunpowder. Today, the Trabuco machine remains in museums as a historical weapon and the education sector for teaching physics.

Search more about Trabuco: http://www.infoescola.com/curiosidades/trabuco/

Doe Deere the Queen of Unicorns

Lime Crime is all the freedom for customers to be themselves and show off their unique style with big bold makeup colors. Founder Doe Deere was inspired to begin creating makeup when she found a lack of exciting colors to work with. After wearing her creations while working as a musician, she was surprised to find an enormous market that was being overlooked. Doe first registered her DIY makeup brand on eBay in 2004. She modeled the makeup herself and was a one-woman show with handling, creating, and shipping the orders. Lime Crime exploded, and the official brand launched in 2008.


Doe was not always the makeup icon she is today. She was born and raised in Russia where she started her first “business” at thirteen years old selling temporary tattoos to classmates. This entrepreneurial attitude evolved into Doe taking the plunge to follow her dreams of moving to New York and becoming a musician by the age of seventeen. She worked as a song writer and promoter for the band, which led to her meeting her current husband. While living in New York and working as a musician, Doe also attended FIT and majored in fashion design where she learned more tricks of the trade. Fourteen years later, Doe moved to Los Angeles, where she and the Lime Crime brand reside today.


Color is a big part of Doe’s story and how Lime Crime came to be. Even at a young age she loved experimenting with color in makeup, clothing, hair, you name it! Creating a brand that revolved around bright and fun colors was a dream come true for her and her fellow “unicorns“. Every step forward Doe has taken with the Lime Crime brand – moving from lipsticks and eye shadow into hair dye and even press-on nails – has always been due to her “passionate listening” for what her customers want and what direction the makeup market is heading. There have been bumps along the way with the brand, but Doe has always worked, and promises to continue working, to adhere to the original dream and the high standards that make Lime Crime such an incredibly popular brand. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lime-crime-launches-mlf-velvetine-collection-for-mothers-day-300444493.html


How The Power Of The People Are Driving Up Fabletics Sales

The power of the people is what can make or break a brand. Consumers rely heavily on their peers reviews of products before deciding to make that final purchase. Word of mouth has become extremely effective compared to expensive advertising. Fabletics is a leisure wear company that has become widely successful thanks to the power of the crowd. Launched in 2013, it has made over $240 million dollars in revenue in just 4 short years. They currently have over 1 million consumers enrolled in their subscription program. Fabletics has grown significantly thanks to customer reviews. Not only do positive customer reviews bring in new customers, they also help improve the loyalty of existing customers. Studies have shown that 85% of consumers read and trust online reviews from strangers just as much as a recommendation from a friend. Consumers are also willing to spend more money for a product if it is backed by positive reviews. When a crowd of people positively review a business or product, it results in improved search rankings. This in turn will drive more customers to your website and increase revenue. Fabletics recognizes the power of an online review, and responds to as many of them as they can. There are over 30,000 reviews on the review site Trustpilot alone, with an average score of 8.2.


Entrepreneurs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded the company TechStyle Fashion Group. They wanted to create a brand of leisure wear that was stylish and affordable. They needed someone to partner with and Kate Hudson was the first woman that came to mind. Kate has always lived an active lifestyle and embodies the everyday woman. She hit stardom after filming the movie “Almost Famous” but has no business background. However, she put 110% into Fabletics as she does in her movies, and helped the company become what it is today. Kate Hudson isn’t just the face of the Fabletics brand. She reviews budgets, comes up with new social media strategies and commits to stay completely involved. Fabletics has built 22 retail brick-and-mortar stores with plans to open 12 more in 2018.

Sahm Adranji is an Exceptionally Talented Investor

Sahm Adrangi owns a popular investment firm. His company is Kerrisdale Capital. You can find many positive reviews of the company online.

Sahm Adrangi’s Background In Investing:

He has been investing for many years. Early in his career, he was employed by Chanin Capital Partners. He also was a successful investment analyst for Longacre Fund Management. He earned a lot of money from these jobs, and he was able to save enough money to start his own company.

How He Founded Kerrisdale Capital:

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital using a smaller amount of money than what most investment firms were started with. The starting capital was one million dollars. However, his company grew very quickly.

How Can Clients Invest?

Clients are able to choose from numerous conventional stocks, but the company also offers alternative investments and hedge funds. Clients can also invest in small businesses. Sahm Adrangi is exceptionally skilled at determining if a small business is going to take off. Kerrisdale Capital’s clients also can use short selling strategies.

You Don’t Have To Be One Of Kerrisdale Capital’s Clients To Benefit From His Talent As An Investor:

You can read papers that he has posted on Twitter and his own website for free. These papers provide investors with advice on how they can become more skilled at researching companies. They also discuss how investors can become more skilled at investing in hedge funds and teach them to use short selling strategies more effectively.

He Protected The Public From Fraud:

He gave the public information about fraudulent organizations, and the SEC used this information to take action. As a result of the action that the SEC has taken, the fraudulent companies no longer pose a danger to the public. The fraudulent practices of these companies were quite widespread. Therefore, it is likely that his warnings protected a large number of people.

Dr. David Samadi Continues to Advance Options for Cancer Treatment

Nearly 80 percent of men living in the United States is battling prostate cancer, making it the most common cancer among men after skin cancer. While there are several options available for treatment of the difficult disease, many of these options produce an overwhelming amount of negative side effects. Dr. David Samadi is a certified urologist and Chairman of Urology, and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Committed to providing quality, minimally invasive treatment options for individuals diagnosed with prostate cancer, Dr. Samadi developed SMART, a customs procedure that uses robotic technology to remove cancerous prostates.

The SMART procedure gives patients an option for less invasive treatment and faster recovery times. Patients who opt to receive SMART surgery also experience fewer side effects, and may even leave the hospital as soon as one-day post-surgery. While he originally followed conventional methods for treating prostate cancer, Dr. Samadi says he shifted his focus to robotic surgery after becoming fascinated with the technology and its benefits. Though he admits that his job can be difficult at times, he feels that the positive results and the ability to help improve the lives of others keep him motivated.

Born in Iran, Dr. Samadi and his brother were forced to leave their home and migrate to Belgium. The separation from his parents only fueled his desire to be successful. Determined to make them proud, and remain undefeated, he focused on finishing his education with his sights set on a career in medicine. In 1990 he graduated from Stony Brook School of Medicine with honors. Immediately after graduation, he began postgraduate training at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. More than 7,000 men have benefited from Dr. Samadi’s SMART surgery, with 90 percent of them being cancer free.

When he’s not performing SMART procedures, Dr.Samadi shares medical information internationally through a radio show. He also enjoys researching the latest advancements in medical technology and alternative medicine.

When asked about the inspiration behind the SMART procedure, Dr. Samadi says his fascination with robotic surgery began after his career had already started, but he has always had a desire to help others. To know more about him click here.

The Successful career of SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is the current Chief Executive Officer at Kerrisdale Capital where he is also the founder. Ever since the company was established, he has worked hard in ensuring that it has registered a lot of success and growth. Sahm started Kerrisdale Capital in 2009 and it is a company which is involved in research. The specialty of Adrangi is in short selling and publishing research. He publicizes the views of his company about stocks which are mostly misunderstood in the market. Sam writes about the aspects of stock which are misunderstood so as to educate the masses. Kerrisdale Capital uses its social media and website to disseminate research.

An accomplished entrepreneur, Sahm went to the prestigious Yale University where he was able to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Arts in Economics. His first job after graduating was at the Deutsche Bank where he was responsible for carrying out leveraged and high-yield loan debt financings. After working at Deutsche Bank, Sahm went to work at Chanin Capital Partners where he served at the advising creditor committee. The functions of Kerrisdale Capital is to carry out publish research and then share the findings with the public and the relevant authorities. In the past, the company was involved in mining and biotechnology field. Kerrisdale Capital has published and researched on companies that are still in their development stages such as Unilife, Bavarian Nordic, Sage Therapeutics, Pulse Biosciences and Zafgen.

Sahm is also an accomplished activist and has played activism roles for some investment companies. In the year 2013, Adrangi helped Lindsay Corporation Management in improving their allocation polices and cash deployment. In 2014, he also led a contest to replace the directors at the Morgan Hotel Group. Apart from being an active activist, Sahm is also a speaker. He has in the past spoken in several international and national conferences which include the Distresses Debt Investing Conference and The Value Investing Conference. Sahm has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient people when it comes to the field of publishing research. He also serves as a mentor and a role model to young individuals who would wish to venture in his line of work.

The Diversity in Securus Technologies’ Products and Services

Securus technologies are a technology-based company offering prison solutions such as telecommunication and monitoring in the United States. Its products are segmented into five main categories which form its core functions. It provides monitoring correctional and investigative tools and similarly aids in communication between inmates and their family and friends. Securus technologies work with the mantra that they exist to serve and connect the world in a safe manner regardless of the premises one is in.


The hard task companies in prison technology are pressed for it in public safety assurance, and Securus technologies have mastered it to the core. Securus Technologies have innovated and invented systems that can monitor activities being undertaken in a correctional facility, investigate a contentious issue either within or outside. At the same time, they have the provision that makes correctional measures are easy to administer.


The inmate telephone service without a doubt has a premium attached. There is host of service Securus Technologies, and the common one is the AdvanceConnect prepaid account that allows inmates receive and make calls with 24/7 access. Besides, charges are deducted directly from the prepaid account. Other modes of payment include the use of a debit card majorly the Visa or Mastercard. That notwithstanding, inmates are allowed to run conventional payment systems either using the direct bill, traditional collect account or the inmate debit.


About Securus Technologies

It is an inmate’s solutions provider based in Dallas, Texas and is privately held. It majorly deals with correctional and telecommunication services. Securus Technologies has subsidiary offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta who all report at their HQ in Texas.


Securus Technologies has been in operation since 1989 when it was officially incorporated under the federal laws. It presently serves over 2,200 correctional centers with good feedback from its present and past customers. Richard Smith is the company’s Chief Executive Officer.


Beneful: Dog-On Good

A dog asked his buddy one day, “Wow! What is up with this dog food? Why is it so tasty? What is the name? Dog food is supposed to be bland and dry and boring isn’t it?” His friend, Cat, replied, “You dummy. Thats Beneful. Don’t you know what that means?” The dog just stared back clueless. Cat sighed, “Full of goodness! That’s what it means!” The dog still didn’t understand but he replied, “Ohhhh.” The dog continued eating and thought to himself, “Cats.” The cat thought to herself, “Dogs. I wish they’d serve me some of that Benefulcommercial. Whoever made it was smart enough to give it a name meaning full of goodness, but couldn’t make any for the true ruler of the yard, the cat. Oh well. I’ll take some later when he’s not looking. If its so full of goodness, it was obviously meant for me.”