A Highly Driven Company – Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is more than efficient with the work that they do in the public safety field. It is a fact they are the leader. They are so well known and respected all across the globe, but their clients exist across the United States. The majority of their clients are correction facilities. These facilities utilize the company’s technologies to make them safer for everyone involved.


The company created a video messaging system where the prisoners could talk to their loved ones. They can see and hear them, and it feels like they are there with them. For this reason, the facilities are safer for the prisoners, their visitors and the staff that work at the facilities. It works for everyone involved.


The company receives compliments from their clients all the time. The remarks and comments are always positive, and the company wanted the public to see this. They published them in an article so that everyone could read it.


They also invited people to their TX site to show them what they do. They were given a tour, and they enjoyed a question and answer session afterwards. People were impressed with what they saw.


Securus Technologies is rivaled by their competitors because they are always creating new and more efficient ways to protect the public. Since they are so good at what they do, they can create these new ways in a week’s time. Clearly, they will continue to lead the industry, and all the while they will be making the world a safer place a bit at a time.


Hiring Professionals For Online Reputation Management

Are you searching for professional reputation management service? Do you want to make sure your business is properly protected against malicious attacks and other undesirable content that can ruin an organization?

Reputation damaging information can come from just about anywhere. If you want to run a successful business, it is imperative that you have experts guide you in choosing the right resources for your online reputation management.

The rise of social media, user-generated content and discussion forums has made it extremely important for businesses and professionals to pay close attention to their online reputation. It takes just one disgruntled customer or employee create a lot of negative or defamatory content online and ruin the entire company.

Businesses now have less to worry about or fear from disreputable marketing firms or competitors creating fake negative reviews.

All the same, the fact remains that it is important for businesses to take proactive steps and monitor their online reputation to suppress or remove erroneous information and negative reviews, and to ensure they are publishing enough content that one defamatory voice does not have a strong impact on the organization’s reputation.

It is not possible to have every person on your positive side, there is always going to be a number of negative things said about your firm. To put your business in a good light, it is essential that you start managing your enterprise’s reputation online.

Online Reputation Reviews management is a very necessary element of marketing and branding, so if you have not set up with one yet, this is the moment, because not only your reputation is at risk but also your firm too.

There are a few reasons why this is so important. To start, tracking your online credibility and reputation allows you to become aware of potentially bad situations so you can review and manage them before irreparable damage is done to your business enterprise.

The key is having a strategy that provides and outlines potential situations guidance on how each situation should be handled in order to protect or repair your online reputation.


JMD Development Announces the Topping Off of Aloft South Beach

JMH Development Company is a respected construction company in the United States. The institution has achieved a lot under the leadership of Jason Halpern. The company employs a team of building experts who ensure that the projects are completed perfectly and in a timely manner. JMD Development has won the hearts of many people because of its services.


Not long ago, the organization announced the topping off of one of the most famous luxury hotels in the country, known as Aloft South Beach. According to the construction company, the hotel gas two hundred and thirty-five rooms, and it has been operational since 2015. The Aloft South Beach is situated at the Miami Beach, and it serves consumers from different parts of the globe.


The great Aloft South Beach hotel project is believed to be one of the most successful that has ever been accomplished by JMH Development and Madden Real Estate Ventures. The two companies say that the project was actually an adaptive reuse of the Motel Ankara, an eight-story building. Plaza Construction is the institution that managed the whole project. ADD Inc, is an organization that offers architectural services, and it provided the architectures who led the successful construction project.


Since its opening a year ago, the loft South Beach hotel has been doing very well. Several organization have said that the hotel is one of the best hotels that have been opened recently in the Miami South Beach since 2009. Guests who have visited the hotel say that they were offered the best services. The rooms in the facility are larger compared to the rest of hotels in the Miami Beach.


Jason Halpern, the current chief executive officer of JMD Development, says that his organization is happy about the topping off of the successful hotel. For several years, Jason has been in the limelight for successfully restoring some of the biggest historical structures in the country, but the Aloft South Beach turned out to be the best. The topping off, according to him, is one of the main achievements in the construction project of the hotel. This will also signify a brand new start for the project and the official opening of the hotel.


Individuals who visit the hotel will have access to some benefits. The hotel is providing an outdoor pool, a fitness center that is open twenty-four hours a day, a roof deck lounge, meeting spaces that are flexible for different occasions and several other facilities that are out of this world. Guest artists will also perform in the hotel several times in a week to ensure that the guests are entertained. The facility is also looking forward to introducing the latest technology in its services to attract more customers.


Dallas Investor James Dondero Is Given A Seat On SMU’s School Of Business Board

Jim Dondero is a well-known figure in the Dallas area. Dondero has been helping the Dallas community for years. Mr. Dondero is responsible for setting up the Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation is one of the most giving organizations in Dallas. The foundation supports the Dallas Zoo, the George W. Bush Presidential Library, the Ross Perot Museum and other local nonprofit organizations. Dondero was able to form the foundation because of the success he has achieved in the hedge fund investment world. Jim is the co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is one of the most successful hedge funds in the market today. With more than $16 billion in assets under management, Highland Capital has made its investment partners a lot of money.

Southern Methodist University has received a great deal of support from Dondero and the other executives at Highland Capital Management. SMU is one of the most respected universities in the South. The 11,000 students get a well-rounded education in science, business, and the humanities. Dondero decided he would play an active role in the Cox School of Business on the campus of SMU several years ago. His accounting and finance background, as well as his knowledge of emerging markets around the globe, have helped business students grasp the intricacies that exist in the global market.

The Cox School of Business has a 100-member non-academic board that gives advice and direction to the faculty and students. The Board meets three times a year. During one of the recent board meetings, Jim Dondero was given a seat on the Executive Board. Dondero brings a fresh vision to the Board.

Trying to list all of Dondero’s accomplishments isn’t easy. He is the Chairman of several corporations. NexBank, MGM, Cornerstone Healthcare and NexPoint Residential Trust are some of the corporations that have been helped by Dondero’s leadership. Jim’s main focus has always been investing. He is considered one of the top hedge fund managers in the business. Highland Capital has offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo and New York, so Dondero is busy traveling around the world finding new investment deals in some very unusual places.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/james-dondero-joins-southern-methodist-university-cox-school-of-business-board-300355998.html

Ken Goodgame: A Man Of Vision

The True Value Company saw a reestablishment of the supply chain, logistics, and global distribution network, along with an addition of some new blood in the organization. Who has stepped into the scene? Why, it is none other than Ken Goodman, who was the General Merchandising Manager of Ace Hardware. He made a good fit for True Value; while at Ace Hardware, Goodman created new growth and large sales volumes.

A Novel Idea

Kenneth Goodgame, senior VP and Chief Merchandising Officer of the True Value Company, has the novel idea of bringing in goods that are new to the stores and to the industry as well. What is considerably inventive is that the products will provide:

What is the newest and best of the industry
A better reputation for all store dealers
Innovation for the marketplace
Appreciable savings to the customers

New items will arrive four at a time, for a total of 48 in 12 months. Goodgame states, “We know True Value hasn’t necessarily been known for being first to market or for getting new products into your stores quickly. That’s going to change.”

The Man Has Good Endgame

Goodgame certainly has an exceptional record of past triumphs. With a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Tennesse, he had held several prominent positions at The Home Depot, Newell Rubbermaid, then onto Techtronic Industries North America, before his positions mentioned previously with Ace Hardware and True Value. Goodgame indicated that he would create change at True Value. In reading through his gleaming resume, that should be enough evidence to show that he means business.


Kenneth Goodgame leads True Value Company to success



John Goullet: the IT Staffing Expert

John Goullet is a successful New York-based entrepreneur. He has worked in the IT staffing field for almost 3 decades and is very skilled and experienced at what he does. He graduated from Ursinus College where he studied IT and soon after began his career as an IT consultant. He studied and did research on the IT market and identified the unmet need for IT staffing across most industries. He therefore started an IT staffing company, Info Technologies, in 1994. The company aimed to provide personalized services to its clients by reading up on them to understand their organizational structure and values. It then provided the consultants who were the closest match, in terms of skills and personality, to their clients’ needs and preferences.

The company grew rapidly and gained the market’s trust and in less than 5 years, it was serving a good number of Fortune 500 companies. Goullet’s excellent leadership of Info Technologies saw it receive recognition as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US. In 2010, Info Technologies merged with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant, LLC. John Goullet has served as the principal of Diversant, LLC since the merger. His foresight and vision have enabled him, on many occasions, to develop products and services way before his competitors see the need for them. This helps Diversant, LLC remain unique in their operations as well as product and service offering.The company provides excellent and affordable IT staffing services to its clients. It uses a customer-focused approach to develop new products and services and always guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. It is one of the leading IT staffing companies in the US.


John Goullet enjoys doing what he does and this always shows forth in the results of his work. His secret to success is always having a good team to work with. He is therefore very particular about the people he hires; they all undergo thorough vetting before joining his team. Mr. Goullet is also a fitness enthusiast. He always begins his day with an intense one-hour workout session before heading off to work.

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What It Takes To Come Up With An Effective Campaign

It is very hard to bring a company to success. At the same time, it can also be equally hard to maintain the success of a company. For one thing, one has to be constantly making changes to his company in order to stay ahead of the competition. As a matter of fact, a business always has to be doing something new in a lot of cases to keep making money. For instance, if a business is selling products, then there always has to be new products being offered in order to keep the customers returning. However, the customers are not going to return if they don’t know about the product that is being offered.


In order to spread knowledge, one has to know how to market the product. When it comes to the internet, there are special skills that need to be utilized in order to make sure that the customers see the ad. This is where White Shark Media comes in. This firm knows how to create content in a manner that makes it rank highly in the advertising results. Google makes sure that the user is able to find what he is looking for even in the advertising spots.


White Shark Media takes the time to put together an ad with a concise message that gets to the point. When that happens, people will see the ad and will visit the company. White Shark Media is willing and able to work with any campaign. The campaign could be anything from the new business to a new product being offered by the business. That way, the business owner will make major profits from his advertising.


There is a lot that goes into an effective campaign. For the most part, the ad needs to be easy to understand and compelling for the audience to visit the company.

Affordable Loans for Investors by Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings, released a report just recently, stating that there is more traction in the margin and stock-based loans in the modern economic climate where almost all the lending institutions have decided to tighten their lending criteria. There is a group of borrowers who are looking to raise operating capital quickly, and they are finding themselves with very few options. Individuals who have not qualified for the conventional credit-based loans have few options too, and equities lending is the best alternative that is gaining popularity in the recent times.

Several options are still available for this particular group of people. However, most of the banks and lending institutions have cut their lending options significantly for borrowers, increased their loan rates and even tightened the credit qualifications due to the harsh economic times. These institutions want to safeguard their capital at the expense of the borrowers.

Equities First Holdings was founded by Al Christy, one of the individuals who have a lot of expertise in equities lending. In the report, Christy says that the loans that are collateralized by stocks are proving to be the innovative borrowing alternative, especially the group seeking working capital. Christy also states that these loans have a higher loan to value ration compared to the margin loans. The loans are loved by entrepreneurs because they provide consumers with a fixed interest rate. This provides certainty to the customers concerning the loans throughout their transaction life.

For instance, if a client gets a three-year loan, it would be impossible to avoid market fluctuation, and the customer will definitely be affected. However, the stock-based loans provide the customer with a hedge due to the fact that the borrower lowers their investment risk in the downside market. Christy believes that these loans offer consumers the protection needed, especially for individuals who need the loans for capital.

Equities First Holdings is an international company that is offering customers alternative stock-based loans. The company has very transparent procedures, and all its clients are given the best services. The stock-based loans from the company are easy to process, and they take the shortest time.

Three-Way Partnership For Better Mortgage Coverage

Owning your own home is the American Dream for most people. Nothing gives off a better sense of pride than owning a home. Unfortunately, working in a sluggish economy makes you feel like you’re spinning your wheel without making any progress. Individuals and families in lower income areas might feel like hope is lost, but for people living in specific Southern Dallas zip codes, the dream of homeownership is a reality. Read Original Article: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nexbank-partners-with-dallas-neighborhood-homes-to-expand-affordable-home-ownership-in-southern-dallas-300324115.html

Mortgage coverage at this point in time can be a pitfall for many people especially those who have limited access to mortgages. Even well qualified people can have issues, but NexBank is working in partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity for the perfect cause. NexBank will be providing up to $50 Million in support for loans. The program will last about five years and the goal is to provide over 100 loans or more each year to families with limited mortgage access. (Habitat) & Dallas Neighborhood Homes are filling the gaps with their services of support and counseling while NexBank is handling the huge financial assistance that’s needed to make this a success.

With over $3.5 Billion in assets, NexBank is one of the prominent and successful banking centers in the Dallas Area. The bank specializes in mortgage, commercial, and investment banking which fits in perfectly with the (AHLP). Low Income families now a much higher chance of qualifying for a mortgage that meets their needs. A better quality of life is also an end goal for adults and children. The model of this program lacks flaws and should be used as tutorial of how to get things done.

Magnises – The Membership That Is Changing The Dynamics Of VIP Industry

What is Magnises?

Magnises is an exclusive membership club started by a young entrepreneur, Billy McFarland. Unlike many other VIP clubs, Magnises is different because it offers unique experiences to its 12,000 members that are almost impossible to get by any other means. For a relatively affordable annual membership fee and monthly charges for certain categories, Magnises is an effort to turn the industry on its head by offering grand discounts, insider access, and off-line social networking opportunities to Millennials aged between 20 and 35. It does not mean that others cannot join the exclusive club. Already, the company has posted $5 Million in revenues, which is significant considering that Magnises is barely two years old.

Benefits of Getting Magnises Membership

Members can get all available benefits using a black-card similar to American Express. In fact, the card can also be linked to a normal credit car enabling members to pay through their credit cards without any hassle on Facebook. As suggested, members get lavish discounts such as $99 a month access to Ally, a premium co-working space which usually goes for $500 or more per month. Similarly, travel enthusiasts can stay at establishments such as Dream Hotels for $79 a night, where rack rates are higher than $250 a night. In addition, club maniacs can access some of the country’s most exclusive nightclubs for only $65 a month, where the cost of an average ticket for one time visit is hundreds of dollars.

Unique Perks

To make things easier, Magnises also offers multiple categories to its members. Unlike other cards and VIP memberships, most members only pay for what they want. Recently, one of the members from New York City described how the card offered him an amazing value when he was able to get a front-row seat at the Hockey game with an open bar. The cost of getting such perks was more than the annual fee that the member had to pay to get Magnises card. Recently, food enthusiasts have also enjoyed private dinner parties with notable chefs and exclusive access to new restaurant openings, among others.

Analysts suggest that the tremendous success of Magnises is due to its intangible benefits, which money can’t buy. These perks include insider access to premium events, meetups with celebrities, behind-the-scene tours, access to sold-out events, front-row seats and numerous other upgrades on elitedaily.com. Additional examples include members-only evening at nightclubs; secret pop-up at events; best seats in the stadium; private parties for members, discount at hotels and exclusive shopping discounts.

Future Plans for Magnises

So far, Magnises has focused on members from New York City and Washington. Still anyone can get the membership, which does not require any special condition. In the near future, the company has extensive plans to aggressively spread its reach to other U.S. markets. Irrespective of the marketing goals, it is evident that Magnises is a true VIP membership club that has built its reputation on offering a fabulous value to its members, which the industry lacked.