Beneful: Dog-On Good

A dog asked his buddy one day, “Wow! What is up with this dog food? Why is it so tasty? What is the name? Dog food is supposed to be bland and dry and boring isn’t it?” His friend, Cat, replied, “You dummy. Thats Beneful. Don’t you know what that means?” The dog just stared back clueless. Cat sighed, “Full of goodness! That’s what it means!” The dog still didn’t understand but he replied, “Ohhhh.” The dog continued eating and thought to himself, “Cats.” The cat thought to herself, “Dogs. I wish they’d serve me some of that Benefulcommercial. Whoever made it was smart enough to give it a name meaning full of goodness, but couldn’t make any for the true ruler of the yard, the cat. Oh well. I’ll take some later when he’s not looking. If its so full of goodness, it was obviously meant for me.”