November, 2017

The Diversity in Securus Technologies’ Products and Services

Securus technologies are a technology-based company offering prison solutions such as telecommunication and monitoring in the United States. Its products are segmented into five main categories which form its core functions. It provides monitoring correctional and investigative tools and similarly aids in communication between inmates and their family and friends. Securus technologies work with the mantra that they exist to serve and connect the world in a safe manner regardless of the premises one is in.


The hard task companies in prison technology are pressed for it in public safety assurance, and Securus technologies have mastered it to the core. Securus Technologies have innovated and invented systems that can monitor activities being undertaken in a correctional facility, investigate a contentious issue either within or outside. At the same time, they have the provision that makes correctional measures are easy to administer.


The inmate telephone service without a doubt has a premium attached. There is host of service Securus Technologies, and the common one is the AdvanceConnect prepaid account that allows inmates receive and make calls with 24/7 access. Besides, charges are deducted directly from the prepaid account. Other modes of payment include the use of a debit card majorly the Visa or Mastercard. That notwithstanding, inmates are allowed to run conventional payment systems either using the direct bill, traditional collect account or the inmate debit.


About Securus Technologies

It is an inmate’s solutions provider based in Dallas, Texas and is privately held. It majorly deals with correctional and telecommunication services. Securus Technologies has subsidiary offices in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta who all report at their HQ in Texas.


Securus Technologies has been in operation since 1989 when it was officially incorporated under the federal laws. It presently serves over 2,200 correctional centers with good feedback from its present and past customers. Richard Smith is the company’s Chief Executive Officer.


Beneful: Dog-On Good

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