Keith Mann Gives From The Heart

Helping other people is a rare quality. It is easy for people to help or give when people expect or receive something in return. However, to give without expecting anything in return is a quality that makes some people different than most. There are people in the world who give from the heart. They give without concern about what they will receive. Their reward is knowing that they are helping someone else.


One of the people in this world who gives from the heart is Keith Mann. A local businessman in New York, Keith Mann is an individual who cares about people. He will help people regarding a wide variety of situations. One of his special passions is helping people to attend college and earn a degree. As a result, he has helped many students attend college and earn a degree by providing scholarships.


Recently Keith Mann started a scholarship through Uncommon Schools, which is an organization that manages a network of charter schools from K-12. Uncommon Schools provides a quality education for people who may not be able to attend a quality K-12 school in their area. The scholarship that Keith Mann is providing will be provided to graduating high schools seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn.


The scholarship will be awarded to one graduating senior each year from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The scholarship will be $5,000, and the scholarship winner can use the money towards paying for college.


Keith Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), which is an executive search firm. Mr. Mann’s firm helps companies locate executives for vacant positions in their organizations. Keith Mann has many years of experience in the executive search industry. He uses his vast years of experience and his knowledge of executive search to place talented executives in positions that will provide the best opportunity for success both for the company and the individual.


Keith Mann uses his resources and influence to help people. He has demonstrated through his given over the years that he has a given heart. Providing people with an opportunity to seek a college education when money is their biggest obstacle has made Keith Mann an individual to be respected and admired.