July, 2016

Jelly Beans Of All Flavors

One of the recent vlogs that Wengie has posted on YouTube involves jelly beans that have a slightly different taste than what you would expect. She took on the challenge of trying to determine which color was the real jelly bean and full of good flavors and which one was full of flavors that make you cringe. It’s called the Bean Boozled Challenge, and it’s a popular game among teens and young adults who like eating jelly beans.

There is a large container of jelly beans that Wengie has that looks like a game. When you pull the center of the container up, there are two beans. You don’t know if the beans are the good flavors or the disgusting flavors. The goal of the game is to try the beans without knowing what kind you have. Each person chooses a bean to eat. Wengie decides to smell the bean before she puts it in her mouth. The bean that she chooses is either coconut or spoiled milk. There is a chart on the back of the container that shows the flavor of each bean. Fortunately, she had coconut. The next turn yields the same color. Max chooses a bean that could either be dead fish or strawberry banana smoothie. Wengie’s luck runs out as she has spoiled milk. Max has dead fish in his challenge. The challenge continues as the pair find flavors that are tasty and beans that they spit out because they are so disgusting, such as barf and grass clippings.
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Mike Baur, the Builder of Swiss Startup Factory

Who is Mike Baur? This is a question that many young entrepreneurs in the digital field will ask so often. To answer the question, Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of the Zurich-based company known as the Swiss Startup Factory. This company which he co-founded with two other partners, has become the leading privately owned and independent ICT startup accelerator that is transforming the lives of young entrepreneurs.

Mike Baur’s life history is a tale of a promising career in banking and finance which started at a tender age. He has devoted about 20 years of his life to private banking in Switzerland, rising through the ranks from a commercial apprentice at UBS to become an executive board member of renowned Swiss private banks like Sallfort and Clariden.

Mike Baur lives in Fribourg, Switzerland and is a holder of an MBA from Rochester New York and an executive MBA from the University of Bern, Switzerland. He dedicates his time sponsoring, supporting and mentoring various Swiss startups by taking advantage of the Swiss youth entrepreneurship platform. In the year 2014, he co-founded the Swiss startup factory with the sole objective of providing young and talented entrepreneurs based in Switzerland with a platform to guide them through the process that is able to refine their ambitions and also
introduces them to decent business life.

The company offers various services to the young entrepreneurs in the form of finance, coaching, mentoring and access to large business networks of investors and entrepreneurs. It also provides them the office atmosphere by providing them with office space, desks and conference facilities at very affordable rates. The other services that this company provides includes accounting and financial services like managing payrolls, invoices, tax and VAT reporting, cash flow reports and many other financial related services.

However, their core activity is their provision of the startup accelerator program. This is a three months program that tries to support young entrepreneurs to develop and refine their talents and is precisely targeted to young entrepreneurs in the digital field. The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) provides an extensive network of business leads and has partnered with Fintech Accelerator Fussion company based in Geneva to provide a comprehensive program to the young talents in the digital technologies.

This is a contribution that Mike Baur is offering to thriving young entrepreneurs in trying to improve their stature in the business world and more so in Switzerland.

FreedomPop Should Be Everyone’s First Choice When They Want Low Priced Cell Phone Service

Although most people prefer to have cell phones, there are some that are using cell phone tablets. There are tablets that can make phone calls and go on the Internet, similar to a cell phone, and these tablets can even send text messages. Not every company will support these types of tablets, but FreedomPop supports them, and even the free service that FreedomPop offers can be used in a tablet phone. Those who want to switch over from a different company will enjoy using FreedomPop’s services, especially if they have a tablet phone, or even if they have a regular smartphone.

One thing that makes FreedomPop unique and different from other companies is the fact that they have very low prices that are lower than any other known cell phone company out there. While most companies are trying to get their prices lower, the lowest noted unlimited cell phone plan is around $30, but FreedomPop charges $20 a month for their unlimited cell phone plan. Even the biggest name companies, such as AT&T and Verizon will charge $100 or more for their unlimited cell phone plans, and that’s if they are still offering them, especially since they canceled them before, in the past.

No one can lose using the FreedomPop $20 unlimited cell phone plan because of the high-quality of the service as well as the low cost. Those who’ve been looking for a way to slash their cell phone bill in half will do even better if they go to FreedomPop because it’s likely that they will be paying as little as 25% of their current cell phone bill. Who wouldn’t want to save up to $80 a month on their cell phone bill by switching to FreedomPop, especially if they are charged additional fees for extra data usage?

Many want to be able to use their cell phone without worrying about going over a minute allotment. It’s also necessary to be able to send as many text messages as possible as well as being able to use data as necessary, so most people prefer unlimited cell phone plans. Since FreedomPop has a very low-cost unlimited cell phone plan, many are making the switch to FreedomPop, and many are also happy and satisfied with the service they are receiving. FreedomPop also sells excellent smartphones at low prices, so it’s possible to get great name brand phones at a low cost.

Reference Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreedomPop

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How Is Fabletics A Revelation For Busy Women?

Marie Claire did an article on and so did The Krazy Coupon Lady, and they showed why it is such a revelation for busy women who have to get out of the house and do a lot of work during the day. These women know that they are going to have to do something that makes them feel good, but they also need to have clothes that are easy to wear. Formal and business casual clothes are too hard for some women to wear, and they just take too much time to take care of. The woman who is trying to make the most of her clothes should try out the Fabletics brand because it will take her anywhere she wants to go. Source: http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/

The clothes that were designed by Kate Hudson for Fabletics are so easy to wear that women will be able to use them for just about any purpose. That is something that a lot of women will appreciate from Bustle’s writeup because they need to have clothes that are simple. They are afraid of how hard it is going to be to get dressed at the gym or to go to lunch, but they can just bring together the clothes into styles that they love the most.

A woman who is trying to look their best needs to be sure that she is going to have clothes that she can mix and match as she goes. She might want to have something that will work for the gym, but then she needs to have something that is going to work for her when she leaves the gym. A lot of women are enjoying athleisure of Fabletics because they can use a hat and a top to go from the gym to another place. It makes a lot more sense to dress up with Fabletics just because their brand is designed to make a woman’s life easier.