June, 2016

A Trial Of Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz is a very well known and high quality hair care product. It can even be effective on hair that has a very fine texture. A woman recently used the Sephora fig version of the product for a period of time, and there is an article on Bustle.com about the results of the product. She had very positive results from the product. However, there were a few important things she noticed about using it. For this particular product, you need to use a significantly larger amount of the shampoo for good results. Additionally, using it consistently is essential for good results.
The results were seen from using the product very quickly. In fact, the results of the product were seen within the first day. As days passed, the changes continued to become more obvious. Her hair became much more healthy looking, and she got a lot of compliments on it. The only downside that she noticed was that it is extremely important to use the product daily. If the product is not used sporadically, she noticed that it can result in oily hair.

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About Wen by Chaz:

Chaz Dean’s brand comes in a number of different varieties, and they each improve different qualities of hair. In addition to being a very effective conditioner, Wen by Chaz also is an excellent shampoo. It helps to keep hair very clean, in addition to improving the texture. The product has also been very widely advertised on television. Furthermore, there are products from Wen by Chaz that are designed for all types of hair. So, whatever hair type you happen to have, there is a Wen by Chaz product that will be right for you.

For more info, go to http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html.

Doe Deere and Running a Business as a Woman

Doe Deere is the colorful and chic visionary responsible for Lime Crime, a celebrated Los Angeles, California makeup brand. Deere participated in an interview with Galore mag that discussed the world of entrepreneurship for women and beyond. Interviewer Stephanie Janetos asked Deere if her childhood had anything to do with her dream of making her very own makeup brand. Deere responded by saying that she’s always been a highly creative person, even during early childhood. She said that’s she’s always been highly enthusiastic about color and that she had a penchant for getting into her mother’s cosmetics collection.

Janetos also wanted to know about Deere’s earliest recollection of cosmetics. Deere responded by discussing a sleepover with a couple of her closest friends. She was nine years of age during this slumber party. The youngsters were attempting to communicate with spirits. They had wondrous costumes but realized that things weren’t 100 percent “correct.” That’s when it dawned on the young girls that they needed to apply a bit of makeup. Deere took charge of the situation and put pink eyeshadow, brown lip gloss and winged eyeliner on her buddies. She applied the makeup poorly but it made the whole event all the more unforgettable.

Janetos wanted to find out what compelled Doe Deere to call her famed company “Lime Crime.” Deere stated that the name simply appeared in her brain out of nowhere when she was trying to come up with a name for a brand new shop on eBay. This happened on 2004. Since Lime Crime wasn’t yet taken on eBay, Deere happily signed up for it herself. She liked that it reminded her of her beloved vivid green color. She also appreciated that it rhymed.

The interviewer also inquired about the fact that Lime Crime is so Internet-centric. She asked if Deere was happy about that. Deere replied by saying that there are pros and cons to looking after businesses that are so dependent on the digital world. She said she loves how quick communications with customers are thanks to the Internet.

Deere was born in Russia in 1981. She spent her formative years however, in the Big Apple. She has a long history on the Internet as a style icon. She doesn’t only focus on making cosmetics, either. She also focuses on the world of fashion design and all that it entails.

She has a strong Internet presence. Her Instagram account, for example, has hundreds of thousands of followers and is growing every day. Deere uses her Instagram page to put the spotlight on new looks and products.

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Jessica Boskoff interview on The Perfect Palette

Jessica Boskoff is one that does not mind breaking tradition. Her style incorporates a modern style yet she still remains very playful in her approach. Jessica and her brand, Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in NYC, have been using pastel colors and bouquet of flowers to reveal her beautiful approach to styling. The look is matched with the brand very well as it provides a unique image. Jessica Boskoff’s favorite photographers, Vanessa Tierney allows the brand to capture it’s true essence through a very artistic composition of color and shapes. Jessica manages to incorporate very different layers of textures, colors as well as sweet treats. This seems to be the main reason the brand has its name Twenty Three Layers. Jessica Boskoff reveals in the interview that she loves all color yet goes through a phase of preferring some over others. At the time she enjoys blush tones as well as mint and aqua. This shows through the careful use of pastel colors in decor, pillows and desserts.

Jessica Boskoff enjoys spending her time in a creative space where she can let her mind move through other aspects of her life and incorporate that into her work, friends, family and when decorating her own home. She tells us that her style as a designer is forever changing and is not fixed. Utilizing symmetry, beautiful color, textures and lines she manages to inspire others. She also feeds off of the inspiration of others allowing her to continually evolve. Twenty Three Layers provides her with a lot of different avenues from workshops, designing events and doing photoshoots. Throughout her work details are the main focus as this sets her apart from other brands.

Twenty Three Layers is based out of New York and will cater to anyone looking to host a glamorous function or a beguiling evening. Their unique style will impress.

The upgrade to THREADS 3.1 makes SECURUS more secure and convenient for users

Unveiling of THREADS 3.1

Securus ushered the year 2016 in style with the unveiling of an upgrade of its THREADS investigative software platform to a new 3.1 version and the appointment of a new sales executive. John Bell joined Secures as the senior vice president in charge of sales (http://www.financial-news.co.uk/32705/2016/01/securus-expands-leadership-team-20160112100500/). I feel that both events are a great achievement by Securus, but the unveiling of the new THREADS 3.1 is better news to millions of its users who comprise of investigators, law enforcers, and corrections officers. THREADS was originally developed by Direct Hit Systems which was acquired by Securus in the year 2012, as a way of closing the gap between law enforcement and corrections. It allows investigators to comb through millions of integrated inmate data files conveniently at the comfort of their offices (http://apps.securustech.net/press_listing.asp?press_id=101).

What’s new in Threads 3.1
The THREADS 3.1 upgrade comes with a myriad of benefits for investigators and corrections systems. This new system has better integration with other platforms including the Secure Call Platform (SCP) used to record and retrieve inmate calls. I would associate this better integration with other systems with the switch from plug-in based Silverlight platform to the new standard HTML 5 platform. With this better integration, multiple users can listen to and analyze a call in real time and do other things on the platform at the same time. This new system also allows for better sharing of context-sensitive reports; inmate data is now safer. The customized mapping and printing feature in the new system allows investigators and corrections facilities to track calls made between inmates that could lead to clues to the past and future criminal activity. The system can easily and more accurately identify and report questionable inmate calling patterns, relations that are crucial to investigations.

Users of the THREADS platform have another reason to smile after upgrading to the new system. This system is a lot easier to use than the previous versions. Law enforcers and corrections officers require less training for the new interface is friendlier than in the previous model. This is an easier to use interface and it comes as a boost to investigations for it makes users access actionable intelligence easily.

Parting shot
The threads 3.1 upgrade brings lots of benefits to investigative communities in the criminal and corrections systems. I can’t forget to mention that Securus has made the upgrade free and available automatically to all existing users (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-delivers-the-most-advanced-big-data-analytical-tool-in-corrections-300195882.html). With the new sales executive in place Securus expects that this new, more acceptable system will reach new markets and enhance corrections.

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Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-presents-to-over-400-prisonjail-customers-since-grand-opening-of-technology-center-300260314.html

Learn more about Securus: http://www.bbb.org/dallas/business-reviews/government-contractors/securus-technologies-in-dallas-tx-41000098

Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas. She has been in practice for many years and is one of the few female plastic surgeons in the nation. What makes her unique is that since she is a female she is able to easily relate to her patients due to the fact that a majority of them are female. According to her, most females seek plastic surgery in order to eliminate undesirable sagging of their body. As a result they are not seeking plastic surgery to look live up to some fantasy but to correct some parts of their appearance. Dr. Walden worked as a physician in New York City for several years before moving back to Austin, Texas to be with her sons.

Jennifer grew up in Austin, Texas and attended medical school in Galveston. She graduated as a salutatorian at the University of Texas and therefore established herself as a distinguished student. After finishing medical school she completed her fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Once she completed her fellowship she then started up her own practice in New York City and then came back to Austin, Texas in 2011 to be close to her family. Dr. Walden takes pride in helping people improve their appearance through plastic surgery. As well as being a physician she is also an author who wrote the book titled Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Walden has been a practicing plastic surgeon for eight years. In her practice she provides a number of procedures to help women improve and maintain their appearance. The procedures she offers include breast augmentation, face lifts, rhinoplasties (nose jobs) and eyelid lifts. She also performs liposuction for the abdomen, inner thighs and arms. Jennifer performs Botox and soft tissue fillers as well. According to Dr. Walden she charges fees that range from $7,000 to $10,000 for the procedures she performs. With her practice Dr. Walden is able to help a number of women get the most out of their appearance and make them feel better. Whether you are looking for a minimally invasive procedure or a major one, Dr. Jennifer Walden is able to meet the needs of anyone who is looking for quality plastic surgery.


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Attorney Luciana Lóssio Is A Member Of The Superior Electoral Tribunal

The Superior Electoral Tribunal also known as the Superior Electoral Court is the reigning group in the Brazilian Electoral Justice system. The Superior Electoral Tribunal is made up of one Regional Electoral Court in every state in the country, and the rules are set, according to the Constitution of Brazil. The seven-member Superior Electoral Tribunal is composed of five judges and two attorneys. Attorney Luciana Lóssio is the latest member to join the group. Lóssio is replacing Arnaldo Versiani as Minister Holder of the Tribunal.

Luciana Lóssio graduated with a law degree from Centro Universitário de Brasília, in 1999. Luciana went on and earned three post-graduate degrees, and she is now considered an expert in electoral law. Lóssio worked for the Attorney General of the Republic, and during the seven years, she worked there, she was immersed in the day-to-day workings of the Superior Electoral Tribunal and the Federal Court System. Luciana was able to navigate through the mind-boggling Brazilian legal system. She was able to solve issues and accomplish tasks that other attorneys struggle with. Her peers respected her technical legal skills, and she was well liked by the members of the Superior Electoral Tribunal.

The Superior Electoral Court is responsible for the voting process, and that’s not easy in Brazil. Members of the Tribunal must make sure that voters have a place to vote, and they are responsible for making that place easily accessible. Tribunal members are also responsible for keeping the election process pure. That means making sure that the votes cast are legitimate, and they are counted according to the law. Brazil has 26 states, and many of those states have voters that live in rural areas where voting can be a challenge. It is up to the tribunal to make sure those voters are able to reach a voting location without enduring a major amount of hardship.

Luciana is considered a pioneer in the legal system in Brazil. She served in positions that only men held before she earned her law degree. She is not afraid to face men and debate with them, and that makes Lóssio an excellent addition to the Superior Electoral Tribunal. She is an articulate speaker, and that talent has helped her succeed in the male-dominated world of law in Brazil. Luciana is an avid human rights advocate, and she believes everyone is entitled to vote in national and regional elections.

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