Release Your Inner Unicorn With Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime cosmetics is a company that has taken the cosmetics industry by storm. Founded less than a decade ago by Russian born, New York City bred entrepreneur Doe Deere, Lime Crime now has a worldwide following. What customers seem to love is the incredibly bright colors, ease of use, the products’ ability to stay on all day and all night too. Doe Deere began creating the super-bright makeup by hand when she could not find colors loud enough to wear while performing as a rock & roll artist. When she showed the makeup to the people on her online makeup tutorial blog, they begged her to offer it for sale. Doe Deere created a website and Lime Crime cosmetics was born.

The Lime Crime cosmetics line offers lipstick, nail polish, eyeliner, eyeshadow, rouge, and other types of makeup in unbelievably bright colors. The colors in the Lime Crime line have innovative, descriptive names like Zenon, Saint, Alien, Flamingo, Fetish, Shroom, Faded, Jinx, Bleached, Salem, Chinchilla, Wicked, Suedeberry, Orchidaceous, No She Didn’t, Peaches and Cream, Trouble, Black Velvet, Rave, New Yolk City, and Riot. The Makeup comes in gloss, flat, matte, and opaque and can be worn for work, play, or any other time when you want to look fierce and funky.

People that use Lime Crime cosmetics are more than just customers. They are part of a community. They are encouraged to communicate with Doe Deere using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many send pictures showing the unique ways and color combinations they have used. And Doe Deere posts them on the Lime Crime website to serve as inspiration and help others understand how the makeup can be used. There is no wrong way to use Lime Crime, just ways others never thought to use. The cosmetic line is designed to provide people with the tools they need to facilitate their creative self-expression and release their inner unicorn.

Doe Deere the Unicorn Queen has followed her dream in the creation of Lime Crime. Now others use the makeup to transform themselves into beautiful beings people meeting them will never forget.  Be sure to follow them on Twitter and on Instagram @limecrimemakeup.