Panelists Including Wasseem Boraie Highlight the Value of Residential Projects in Newark

Panelists in a recent Newark CRE Summit noted that multiple residential projects were of value than a single project. Real estate leaders at the summit agreed that the city’s renaissance had a better chance with several projects. The Newark CRE Summit is an event that highlights economic development within the largest city in the state. Addressing a panel focused on investment opportunities, a team of industry insiders noted that Newark eventually had what it had been missing. That is simultaneous projects that create a market and offer options to potential residents.

Wasseem Boraie noted that the city had nearly 10 “Class A projects” under development consisting thousands of units. He is the executive vice president of Boraie Development LLC. According to him, it is a turnaround from the past when city officials stuck to the view that a single major project would unleash Newark’s full potential. Additionally, Boraie noted that residential consumers will not be attracted to the city because of one project. His firm is constructing a 168 unit residential apartment building on Rector Street. Boraie also said that the administration had made a correct decision by offering choices. He added that the model had worked in other cities like New Brunswick and Jersey City.

However, panelists also noted that completing the projects was not easy. According to Richard Tucker, the projects take time. Tucker is the CEO of Tucker Development Corp., that has finished and ongoing projects within the city with a total value of $130 million. The projects were actualized through a combination of private capital, subsidies from the city and state level, and traditional debt. Tucker’s firm plans to open its Springfield Avenue Marketplace development in the city.

The panel discussion was moderated by David Wolfe of Skoloff & Wolfe P.C. He was part of the daylong initiative organized by CapRate Events. The occasion attracted a large number of real estate leaders to the Newark Club.

About Wasseem Boraie
Wasseem Boraie is the executive vice president of Boraie Development LLC. It is a privately held company. Boraie Development provides a number of services that focus on the urban real estate market. They include real estate development, property marketing, and property management. Boraie Development was created in 1986. It has yearly revenue of $10 to $20 million. Wasseem Boraie leads a team that is focused on constructing magnificent properties while offering unmatched service to clients.

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