Make learning a win, win, win with Class Dojo

In this day and age we all like to stay connected to our kids and what they are doing in school. Long gone are the days of the annual or bi-annual parent-teacher conference that allows parents to finally gain some insight as to what is being done (or not done) in the classroom. While many teachers are busily trying to maintain a class website, others have found that using an online communication platform to be much more effective in informing parents and students about what is going on in class. Class Dojo has created an online community that allows teachers, parents and students to effectively and instantly connect with each other.

Parents like Class Dojo since it allows them to be continually informed about what is taking place in the classroom. Not only are parents able to keep track of their own student’s academic progress but they are constantly updated about what is being studied in the classroom. Having up-to-date information about a teacher’s curriculum makes the job of helping our kids complete assignments and projects at home much easier!

Utilizing a platform like Class Dojo also allows parents stay more organized and feel like they are “in the loop.” Far too often paper notices are sent home with a student only to never be seen by the parent – or found in a crumpled ball after the fact. Every parent wants to plan important dates in advance and this online tool allows them to do exactly that.

While parents like the ease in in which they can receive communications, teachers like how Class Dojo makes it easy to communicate. Teachers can spend countless hours grading student work, developing engaging lesson plans or working with students. Being able to deliver important information to parents at students with just a touch of a button or two can help lighten the load for our over-worked educators.

Students can be much more successful in the classroom through the use of communication platforms such as Class Dojo. They can stay more organized by keeping track of their assignments and due dates for each class. Students can also frequently check their academic progress in a class. Class Dojo helps students take responsibility of themselves and their learning. Acquiring this life-skill earlier in life can be very empowering for students and lead to further successes as they continue to travel down their educational pathways.