April, 2016

Financial Crisis Brings Big Profits For Sanjay Shah

European debt is surely paying off for some big wigs in London. It seems that many are taking huge dividends payments for the woes being felt in the European markets. These payments are coming from hedge funds that have been set up that bet on whether or not the European financial situation gets better or worse.

One such investor is Yan Huo. He is the Chief Executive of Capulo Investment Management. He is also among almost 18 executives in that firm that have benefitted greatly because of european financial woes. His take on the whole situation weighed in at more than 5.11 million pounds. Overall the total made by the entire firm was more than 92 million pounds.

Sanjay Shah was another financial wizard that was able to make quite a profit from the financial woes of the european union. He realized an amazing take of almost 19 million pounds from the venture. This is nothing new for Shah who runs a number of different businesses that are involved with the financial sector.

Shah is a self proclaimed millionaire who has “retired” because he feels that he has made his fortune and now wants to enjoy time with his family. This also offers himn more time to spend on charitable ventures that he is most interested in. He runs his own charity called Autism Rocks that helps to spread information and supports research on the neurologically based disease.

Shah is also the founder and CEO of Solo Capital based out of London. This is an investing firm that offers a number of different investing opportunities for investors to grow wealth and stabilize their portfolios. They have a team of experts that can help offer guidance on which opportunities are best for each client based on their individual needs and future visions.

Shah has been noted as being quite adept at forecasting good investment opportunities so it is no wonder that his recent landfall in the european financial has happened. It will be a while to see if these profits continue for these hedge funds. Hopefully the european financial crisis will turn around soon and offer more profits for everyone involved.

Black Outs Hit Venezuela

Venezuela appears to be heading towards a recession. The country has decided to cut power usage over the next 40 days, and possibly even longer, in order to preserve energy. The specific plan repoerted by Angel.co involves shutting down power for at least 4 hours per day across Venezuela. El Guri dam is approaching record low water levels, but will hopefully be improved by these energy preservation measures. The plan may continue beyond 40 days depending on its effectiveness.

These blackouts will affect Venezuelan citizens directly by limiting their acess to groceries and basic household items. Bread, milk, and eggs will be harder for these people to obtain. Basic imported items will also be harder to obtain because the government will be unable to afford the processes. Since January 2016, the Zika Virus has been spreading, and medical equipment is sparse. Even on the black market Venezuelan currency is not even worth an American penny at this time. Venezuela is definitely taking steps to fix this issue immediately. The country hopes reducing their power usage does not need to exceed 40 days, and that operations will run smoothly again soon.


George Soros Reveals His Plan For Dealing With Europe’s Ongoing Refugee Crisis

The billionaire hedge fund expert George Soros has been vocal in his criticism of the European Union and its handling of the refugee crisis for a number of months, but has responded to the latest plan unveiled by the EU and Turkey by revealing his own ideas on how to handle the problem. In an article published by The New York Review Of Books George Soros explained how the EU had the ability to tackle the humanitarian issues the refugee crisis has caused in a more timely and efficient way than the latest EU-Turkey plan allows for.

George Soros has a personal interest in the handling of Europe’s refugee crisis he has blamed on the continued bombing of Syria by the Russian military on http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says; Soros was born in Hungary and found himself a refugee after surviving the Holocaust of World War II. The goodwill George Soros received after arriving in London as a refugee allowed him to complete his studies before continuing his refugee journey by arriving in New York to start his career as a hedge fund manager.

For over a quarter of a century George Soros found himself at the head of one of the world’s most successful hedge funds that achieved an average of 20 percent growth throughout his time as its leader. Soros hit the headlines in the 1990s when his hedge fund was named as achieving such success that the British government was forced to devalue the Pound Sterling.

In his latest article, George Soros dips into his experience as a global finance expert in his bid to explain a better way of dealing with the European refugee crisis. Soros believes the plan forced upon EU member on http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros states by the Turkish government and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not truly European and could be seen as stifling the human rights of refugees who have already arrived in European countries like Greece. The deal forces quota regulations on member states regarding the number of refugees they must accept and has re imagined Greece as simply a stopping point for refugees before they are dispersed forcibly across the continent and to Turkey.

George Soros believes Greece is not equipped with the funds required to care for the refugees who have already arrived in the country and those who continue to make the dangerous crossing of its borders. Soros puts forward a number of financial options for dealing with the crisis, including a continent wide tax he believes member states would not agree to; instead, George Soros believes the use of the AAA rating the European union maintains with credit agencies could provide funding from a loan totaling less than one quarter of one percent of the annual GDP of the continent. In the view of the legendary hedge fund manager this would allow the European Union the chance to create a basis on which to deal with refugees entering the continent in the future.

The Complaint Files against Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd Amended

A motion to amend compliant by SEC against the Laidlaw & Company Ltd has been announced by the Relmada Therapeutics Inc. in the United States District Court. This motion is said to be part of the already amended compliant which is part of the lawsuit that the firm had earlier filed in the Nevada District Court. The already amended complaint is inclusive of an extra legal claim which is based on the Laidlaw’s breach which is owed to the Relmada.

The Relmada will also be seeking for the monetary damages which were caused by the costs and fees which incurred due to the Laidlaw’s misleading and false proxy materials in December 2015. The Relmada also noted that the Nevada court had initially issued a rather temporary restraining order which many people compared with the injunction that has been issued against the Lailaw together with its principals James Ahern and Mather Eitner which was as a result of their misleading proxy material and dissemination of false.

The board of Relmada believes that the Laidlaw must now be ready to compensate the firm for the damages that it had been subjected to due to the actions by Lailaw and that the Laidlaw must now be prevented from harming the firm in the coming days according to reports by PR Newswire.

About Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd

The Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd is known to provide wealth management services and investment banking to individuals and institutions which are based in the UK and the US. Some of the Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd services in the investment banking include high net worth retail investors and capital rising through equity placement, debt and mezzanine capital with the institutional investors the United States trading markets, acquisition financing, initial public offerings, arrangement of the national exchange and the AIM-listed transactions in the UK market.


Martin Lustgarten: Choosing A Good Investment Banking Advisor

Looking for a reputable financial or investment advisor or financial services firm? Want to find out why Martin Lustgarten (Twitter) comes highly recommended in the industry? When it comes to choosing a reliable investment advisor, look no further than Martin Lustgarten.

Most of the specialists and consultants working within investment banking firms actually develop strategies and executive transactions on behalf of their clients. Many large companies and corporations simply take the advice, and will then implement their own strategies based on their own decisions in-house. If you are a small or medium-sized business or entrepreneur without robust financial services department, however, getting an outside consultant to handle investment decisions makes a lot of sense.

When handled properly, investment banking services can benefit both seller of corporate acquisitions and the buyers. Asset sales is a great way to generate substantial revenues for companies that are in need of funds to promote existing brands, invest in new products, or for investing in research and development. Getting into business typically requires a substantial upfront capital before any profits are generated, but once those issues are taken care of and benefits come, primary investors often realize substantial profit.

Martin Lustgarten has been working in the investment industry for many years and is considered one of the leaders. He is the founder and CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm – one of the most reliable firms in the investment industry. This company employs a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced investment advisors and financial experts. When you contact them for financial advice or investment guidance, they will take the time to review your requirements and your expectations, and based on their experience make recommendations on how to proceed.

Martin Lustgarten has provided excellent services to many clients who have achieved great success and attained their goals. His approach to investment and financial services is truly outstanding and he makes it a top priority to understand his clients’ financial background and situation and then develops a winning strategy. Martin Lustgarten is well liked and respected by his clients and his peers. Follow his Instagram account to see more about his personal life.

How White Shark Media Helps Small Business Growth

Entrepreneurship requires several different skills of which many entrepreneurs are unaware when begin their business venture. First, they need to possess strong leadership qualities. Second, they need to have diligence. Third, they need to be able to interact with the digital marketplace and advertise their business on the Internet.

While some of these skills can be drawn from within, born out of one’s motivation, others require years of training and academic pursuits. If you want to be properly market yourself on the Internet, you need to pursue a degree in marketing. Of course, you do not have the time for that. It is for that reason that many small business owners turn to White Shark Media with regards to what is on their Facebook wall.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency who boasts of over 140 employees. They have grown a lot throughout the years. Seeing a lot of room for growth and quality control, White Shark Media has crafted their services so that they can provide well-rounded marketing solutions to difficult problems.

This means that while they have had shortcomings in the past, they have turned their shortcomings into strengths. Beyond that, they have built upon previous successes. That is why so many small business owners come to White Shark Media to expand their company (read more here – http://www.podnutz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=9816).

A Free Evaluation

After launching a Google AdWords account, some entrepreneurs are a little underwhelmed at the performance. You might receive a new viewer here or there, but overall, the price of the campaign does not seem to be worth the reward. This could be for a number of different reasons.

A professional digital marketing agency such as White Shark Media could tell you what you could improve and what your deficiencies are. Since one of the signature services offered by White Shark Media is in managing AdWords campaigns, they offer a free evaluation of your campaign. This evaluation does not come with any commitments.

Listening To Customers

If you have a concerned about the performance of a company with whom you are working, you should be able to voice it. They should be receptive to criticism. This has led to a lot of frustration, as many people think that corporations do not really care about their concerns. Well, White Shark Media actively seeks out criticism. They ask for negative reviews. Then they implement a host of changes. This is a company that will listen to clients.

Thor Halvorssen Surprises Fox News Host on Socialism

Outspoken human rights activist and film producer, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza recently appeared on the Fox Business News segment The Intelligence Report, hosted by Trish Regan. The segment was on the topic of “Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Agenda.” The first thing Regan asked her guest was why he thinks socialism is a inherent violation of fundamental human rights. Thor Halvorssen, with characteristic specificity, replied that such a statement needed to be qualified. He went on to remark that socialism is not inherently problematic, but rather the extent to which it is implement within a government and that it is generally most destructive when it is used as a mask for would-be dictators to seize power.

After listening to her guest’s remarks, Trish Regan then drove the conversation back to the traditional definition of socialism. Remarking flatly that Bernie Sanders supports, “Have no idea what socialism is as a recipe for how government works.” Ms. Regan then pressed her guest to explain how socialism works but he interjected saying that this greatly depends on a wide variety of factors such as where the definition of socialism is taken from. The definition for socialism can be purely academic definition, a historic definition or even a modern definition of socialism (which Thor Halvorssen pointed out was very prevalent in countries such as Sweden and Denmark who were both democratic and socialist).

Mr. Halvorssen then further elaborated on the topic by saying that his home country of Venezuela has a good example of a bad socialist government as it is a nation whose government’s price tampering has caused massive shortages and horribly damaged the economy. Then Ms. Regan’s guest dropped a surprising fact – he had made the largest possible financial donation to Bernie Sanders campaign. Ms. Regan, obviously surprised at the fact that a man who had so vehemently and consistently decried socialism was now seemingly in favor of it, asked him what caused him to support Bernie Sanders. Film maker Thor Halvorssen replied that it was a simple matter, that, as he had said before, that democratic socialism is possible and that it is imminently preferable to a Hillary Clinton presidency. He qualified this latter condemnation by stating that he could never support a presidential candidate who has taken money from dictators.

RCR Wireless Interviews FreedomPop’s CEO

Impressive News About FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a company that I have been following closely for some time now. They have really offered a lot to consumers in terms of a free service for phone usage. Their free service includes 200 MB of data and 200 talk time minutes or messages. From there, users can choose to upgrade. Upgrading the plan is entirely optional, of course. Some users that have a low amount of monthly phone usage choose to not upgrade the phone service with FreedomPop. However, many users choose to upgrade their plans at some point. These exact details were discussed in a recent interview with the CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop.

Stephen Stokols, CEO of FreedomPop, took part in a short video interview with one of the members of RCR Wireless. Some people will be familiar with RCR Wireless’ weekly segment that FreedomPop took part in, called Carrier Wrap. The segment gives interested parties a recap of the latest new in the phone services market. This week’s segment with Stephen Stokols gives a lot of valuable insight as to how well FreedomPop is developing in their market.

FreedomPop is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that prides itself on offering a free service for users. Stephen Stokols gave some of the details behind how many users actually commit to upgrading this service. He told RCR Wireless that 50 percent of people in the US customer base have chosen to upgrade to a paid program. The company is relatively new in the UK, having been available in this international market for only a few months in total. So far, the number of people to upgrade in the use is at about 40 percent of the users of FreedomPop. Click here to go to RCR Wireless for the interview.

Check out this FreedomPop review