March, 2016

Kyle Bass Bad Choices

The organization known as the Patent Trial and Appeal Board has instituted an inter partes review petition for Coalition for Affordable Drugs, an organization owned by Kyle Bass. The coalition is challenging the patent covering several drugs like Techfidera Dimethyl Fumarate that is manufactured by Biogen Inc.

Kevin has been in the local and international news for some years now. Not long ago, many newspapers wrote articles asking people to invest in the energy industry because it was the right time. The reason for this was because the price of oil was trending in a very good rate. A good number of people decided that they would not follow this advice, and they presented their reasons.

Several weeks later, the opposing group turned out to have made the right decision, because the prices of oil started coming down, meaning they were very right when they did not invest in the oil stocks. The year closed with very low rates of oil in most of the countries, disappointing a huge number of investors. The experts in the industry who had predicted that the stocks would be closing on high rates did not like this at all. They were quite disappointed.

One of the people who predicted the increase is Kyle Bass from Hayman Capital, and he has come out and accepted that the prediction he gave was wrong. Although this might seem like a simple mistake, this mistake has cost him a lot. According to Kyla, that was one of the worst years in his entire career. He also thought that the prices of oil would rebound in 2015, to his shock, this did not happen. He has great hopes that 2016 will be better because according to him, the energy industry still has an opportunity.

Kyle Bass is a very popular individual in the stock market. He is the founder of a Dallas-based fund that is known as Hayman Capital Management. In 2006, Kyla was all over the headlines after he predicted that the mortgage crisis would start in the year 2008. His prediction was actually very right, and immediately after it started, Kyla Bass was the new superstar that everyone was discussing. He was very popular due to the prediction, and he also managed to win several awards in appreciation for that. Many observers and individuals said that he was a genius in his prediction, and he would never go wrong.

However, things have changed in the past months. UsefulStooges Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler article has really exposed his methods. Time has not been kind to the genius. People do not like him anymore, and they are also not interested in his predictions. The magic everyone claimed that he had has disappeared, and none of his predictions are right. He has also made awful alliances, making more people dislike his policies and ideas.

CCMP Capital Steve Murray Exits The Private Equity Arena

Steve Murray a long-term investor who has been specializing in private equity suddenly exited the private equity market arena. His exit was through his sudden demise after he experienced health-related complications which had forced him to quit working at CCMP Capital. Murray, however, left a great legacy at CCMP Capital because he was a terrific investor and a great deal maker. His experience in private equity has also been a great promoter of stability at CCMP Capital. Murray was the co-founder and the president of CCM Capital, he succeeded Jeff Walker and in return has been succeeded by Greg Brenneman the chairman of CCP capital. Greg remembers his active participation in the company and definitely agrees that they have lost a legend in the business.

CCMP Capital since 1984 has been very active in the equity market globally. The firm has been working with a team of world-class partners who have the greatest sole proprietary skills that have promoted running of the firm. The firm also works with a team of management partners who have over time been the sole stability of activities at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital focuses on retail products, health care products, chemicals and industrial. The success of the company is from its heritage of partners who comprise the initials CCMP Capital including Chase Capital, Chemical Ventures, Manufactures Hanover and partners. Before the firm was known as Chase capital but changed to JP Morgan Partners after JP Morgan bought its shares. The firm acquired independence in 2006 and established the name CCMP Capital.

CCMP Capital since 1984 has managed to scoop over $16 billion holding in private equities and transactions. The whole team is saddened about Murrays passing especially when they remember the great regard he has had for his family. The whole CCMP Capital understands the void that Murray has left empty but still glad that he was a great help in developing of the company since his joining presidency in 1989. He has also been a great participant in board memberships of many companies like Crestcom International who are a great part of the CCMP Capital.

Murray passed away as reported by Wall Street Journal on March 2015 but still the company has not yet gotten over his leaving. His participation in CCMP Capital was great, and he joined the firm and became its president in 1989. Murray’s career life has been all in private equities. He studied Bachelors of Economics at Boston College and earned a Masters of Business Administration from Columbia School of Business. He was also a participant in board membership of Boston College and a great philanthropist. His philanthropy was through a non-governmental organization in metro New York known as Make-A- Wish-Foundation. Also, he participated in the council team of the charitable organization. Murray passed on at the age of 53 years.

Skout Keeps Registered Users Engaged

Every time that a new update surfaces people will have to make a decision. They have to decide if they’re going to push the update or simply delete the app. All app creators are aware of the fact that people can become bored with an app that they may have been eager to try just a couple of days ago. That is why the Skout app creators have unleashed another feature that will provide app users with another opportunity to stay engaged with this app.

This new concept is the travel feature that gives people the opportunity to explore some different cities in different parts of the world. The most interesting thing about this app is the fact that it is an ongoing update. That means that Skout developers are continuing to add virtual tours to this app as time goes on. Every update may contain more virtual city tours, and this is going to be something that keeps a lot of scout users engaged in this type of social media app.

This is a very good thing for this application because it competes with a lot of other social media apps that are out there. There is already a growing crowd of Snapchat users that are forsaking all the popular apps like Facebook and Twitter. Websites and apps can easily fade to black and become forgot as other apps move into app user territory.

MySpace, for example, was one of the most popular websites on the planet at one time. To go to this site and login seems almost laughable for many people that utilized this website heavily less than 2 decades ago. The same thing can happen to other popular apps like Instagram and Facebook. Skout has not even reached this level of popularity so the app developers are well aware of the fact that this is an uphill battle. That is why they have taken great measures to add new and exciting things like the travel feature in order to captivate people that may be interested in taking a virtual tour of a city.

Skout is a website that also has interesting articles that may be amusing to some young adults. There are also features that allow people to date and chat with others online. This makes it one of the new apps for the social media crowd that is pulling away from the more mainstream apps.

George Soros: How to Deal with the Migration Crisis

George Soros is a Forbes billionaire who resides in the United States. He is very knowledgeable, and his opinion on critical issues is always respected. He has predicted several calamities that have ended up happening, and this makes people follow his advice whenever there is a problem.
Not long ago, George Soros had predicted on that the European Union was on the verge of collapsing, and true to his words, the union has experienced some tough times in the past. He advocates for an open society, and he has been seen on several occasions asking for the European nations to embrace the same.

According to the billionaire, the union should first accept responsibility for failing to have a common asylum policy. This problem has led to the growing number of refugees from a small manageable issue to a huge international crisis that has affected the union. George believes that the countries in the union have only been keen on their problems, and most of the time, they have acted in a selfish way, ignoring the other nations in the union. This neglect resulted into a pain in the people seeking for a place to live. The general public and the individuals responsible for maintaining law and order also panicked. However, the refugees were the main victims.

The European Union must come up with a good plan in order to deal with the ongoing crisis, according to George Soros. The plan should be assertive and assures effective governance of the asylum seekers. The refugees should be able to get a place safe to settle and then settle in an orderly way. The union should clearly show that they will absorb these people in the right manner too. This plan should extend even beyond the borders in Europe. George Soros believes that it will be less disruptive and even less costly to maintain the potential asylum seekers in areas that are close to their present location.

The origin of the refugee crisis is believed to be coming from Syria, and this means that the fate of the Syrian population must be given the priority, and this way, the crisis will finally come to an end. However, the other asylum seekers and immigrants must be taken into consideration too, and this will ensure that such a problem does not happen in the future. George Soros says that the plan should be accompanied by a response from all nations in the world to be completely effective. This will mean that the Syria crisis will be evenly distributed in a bigger number of countries, and this will reduce the burden on the countries in the nearby locations.

George Soros is a billionaire and a great philanthropist who is based in the United States. He is the founder of the Soros Foundation and the Open Society. He was born in Hungary, but he was educated in London. He has earned his wealth as a hedge fund manager in the United States, and he has helped a huge number of people in many nations.

George Soros And The Other Liberal Donors Plan To Team Up

George Soros is a well known businessman and philanthropist. He has had decades of success in both worlds and utilizes both to strengthen the other. Soros is now worth nearly 24 billion dollars and much of the money he gives away. He donates it to charity or he donates it to a political cause. Soros very strongly believes that in order to improve the world, the government must first be improved. His charity, the Open Society Foundations, works to do this. The charity’s goal is to force governments around the globe to be more transparent. His belief that if the people elect an official, which is one of their basic human rights, the official should be open and honest with them.

Soros was also influenced to get involved with charity because of his childhood. His family lived in Budapest in the twentieth century and George was born in 1935. Soros’ family was jewish and Hungary, at that time, was under Nazi occupation. Living in hiding made Soros realize that this type of treatment of people, simply because of their heritage, was wrong. His desire to stop the mistreatment of individuals around the world is what has pushed him to be so involved in society and in governments. Recently, Soros has been very involved in voicing his opinion about the crisis in the European Union and in the upcoming American presidential elections. These opinions were captured in a recent New York Times article.

In the article, Soros talked about how the anti-immigrant sentiment along with the anti-muslim sentiment is not a good direction for America to go in. He went on to say that those who have said such offensive comments should be penalized or punished in some way. The article went on to say how this could actually be used as an opportunity by democrats to sway more immigrants to vote democrat. The article explained that the main obstacle that had been holding democrats back is their giving. Latino group organizers have vocalized that liberal donors tend not to give as much and so the organizations are limited with their scope of influence. So democrats are stepping up with their giving. Soros has teamed up with several other liberal donors to put together a donation of 15 million dollars.

With this large sum of money, they do not want to start a new organization, but rather provide funding and assistance for individuals and organizations who are already on the ground. One such organization is located in Washington and is called the Center for Community Change Action. They are developing a national program there and testing it out.

Hiring a Professional Wikipedia Writing Team is Advisable

Wikipedia has definitely proven to be an incredible internet success story. The open-source platform allows anyone who wishing to contribute to the site to do so. As a result, Wikipedia has become an incredibly popular online encyclopedia. The quality and diversity of the content has helped with the success. 

Speaking of diversity, there is an “edit-a-thon” taking place that is intended to bring forth more gender equality to Wikipedia. The Interference Archive of Brooklyn has run a marathon editing session designed to overcome any gender gaps, and to increase content related to women. In particular, the volunteer editors are seeking to add more material related to women in the arts.

Diversity truly is a word that best describes Wikipedia. Content not only covers a lot of territory subject matter-wise, but also intention wise. While many entries in Wikipedia are created for informational purposes, content is also published for marketing and public relations reasons. A major celebrity could hire Wiki writers to craft and update a Wikipedia page for him/her in order to disseminate positive information. Per the rules of Wikipedia, as long as no blatant advertising takes place, this type of content is fine.

Celebrities and major corporations are not the only ones allowed to publish informational or public relations-oriented content on Wikipedia. Any business entity or entrepreneur may submit content related to commercial enterprises. Individuals of all walks of life may choose to have a Wikipedia page created about them. Often, people in need of reputation management find a solid Wikipedia page to be of great help, which is where hiring Wiki experts comes in handy.

Two things do have to be kept in mind here. The content must be non-commercial and adhere to Wikipedia’s rules. As for the writing itself, the text should be well-written and, advisably, the writing should be engaging enough that it leaves a positive impression in the reader.

The best writing is only going to be performed by the best writers. Accessing the skills of Wiki writers for hire from a Wikipedia editing service like Get Your Wiki definitely leads to solid results. The writers and editors of Get Your Wiki specialize in crafting perfect Wikipedia content. Clients hiring the service do not have to worry about any material not being up to the online encyclopedia’s standards.

Hiring a professional writing service also ensures content can be updated quickly. Monitoring the content for unwanted spam is also possible through a professional writing service. All of these benefits show just how helpful hiring a professional writing team can be.

Dick DeVos Offers A Helping Hand To A Longtime Friend

In an effort to help bolster the Marco Rubio run for the GOP presidential nomination Mr. DeVos has endorsed Mr. Rubio with a generous campaign contribution. In pledging this monetary support, it is a clear and resounding message that the Rubio campaign may depend upon the generosity of the DeVos family. As Dick DeVos stated, “ …it’s really trying to sort which one you feel is the best choice. And that’s what brought us to Marco as the race narrowed…”. In a race where Marco Rubio has yet to win one a state it is clear that any support for him is more than welcome. The DeVos family hopes that this contribution will enable Marco Rubio to capture Michigan and begin a positive roll towards the nomination. This is not Dick’s first time donating to campaigns or political candidates as was famously noted in House of Cards, a popular political Netflix series.

Dick is not a stranger to helping those who are in need of a financial leg up. Through his many charitable works he has been a juggernaut for those found to be outside of standard charitable support. Through the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation there has been an outpouring of generosity that is not rivaled in Western Michigan thanks to this Amway heir’s fortune and aptitude for giving. From the revitalizing project Grand Action which is helping renew and invigorate the city of Grand Rapids to the Windquest Group that offers aid and assistance to many non-profit organizations, the Duo of Betsy and Dick DeVos have brought about real change in their community as well as their home state of Michigan.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

It is safe to say that through the charitable work of DeVos there has been a real upsurge in the growth of the state of Michigan. It is this kind of innovation and forward thinking inspired by his father Rich DeVos that has brought this family to the forefront of Michigan charities. 

Dick continues to be a beacon for those who are need of a financial lift and I would dare say that Marco Rubio is well aware of the generosity of the DeVos family. In the truest sense of the word Dick DeVos is a true American entrepreneur and his enthusiasm for those who want to support his dream can always depend on him to lend a guiding hand.

Visit this link for Dick’s resume and career details.

What You Should Know about Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah

The company Solo Capital Markets is a company that deals with business to do with international boutique types of services. Having the main office in London, England, it is easy to see why they are regulated within the United Kingdom. This firm was actually incorporated in the year of 2011 during the September month, not many people know that this firm is also often referred to by some people in the business as Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited.

Some of the special services that this great firm has to offer include consulting, professional sports investments and also proprietary trading. As far as money is concerned, the firm is doing great, Solo Capital Partners actually had a net worth that had reached £15.45 million, a flow of cash being at the amount of £30.26 million and also having a totaling amount of assets equaling out to £67.45 million during the end of the month of March during the year of 2015.

The Solo Capital Partners company is actually being controlled as of right now by the Solo Group Holdings company, to which Sanjay Shah is the founder of and also the CEO of. Sanjay is also the owner of the place known as the Aesa S.a.r.l., and that place is the place that happens to hold control over the Solo Group Holdings business. Sanjay also is currently operating and owning over the amount of 3 dozen different companies that are located all throughout The British Virgin Islands, London, The Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Malta and also Dubai.

Before the incorporation of the Solo Capital business had taken place, Sanjay was able to make a total of £19 million for the 2011 year at the end of the month of March. During the year of 2014, Sanjay was able to take over the business known to everyone as Old Park Lane Capital, which was a type of institutional and also invitation-only stockbroker, which has a main focus of resources that are natural. As of the year of 2016, during the month of Janurary, Sanjay has a net worth that totals up to the amount of $280 million USD.

Now, Sanjay has many offices all over the areas of Dubai and also London and thinks of himself as an individual who is retired and also as someone who has lived a very successful life. The many people who have had the amazing opportunity to meet Sanjay Shah in person have all said that he is a very trustworthy and smart individual. That is why he has done so well at succeeding in the business that he is in. Sanjay would not be where he is today if it wasn’t for his hard work and dedication to his job.

FreedomPop Makes A New Move In Europe

FreedomPop has made a move into Europe with the help of investors, and their company has planned to offer free services to as many people across Europe. The European market is a large place where there are many people who need better services, and there are many people who are in need of something less expensive than a traditional service. This article explains and article from FierceWireless on how FreedomPop will offer the finest service for the least money to Europeans.

#1: Europeans Are Anxious To Enjoy Free Services

There are traditional services that are simply too expensive for people in Europe, and they have been waiting for the free services that are already available in North America. North America’s free services have made free wireless in Europe popular, and Europeans will eat up the service in two dozen countries.

#2: The Services Have Been Supported By Investors

Massive investors who have been sending in money to pay for free services through FreedomPop, and the investors who have sent in money to help pay for services for those who cannot afford them. There are steeply-discounted plans that allow everyone who needs a cell phone to pay for it.

#3: Why Is FreedomPop Expanding?

FreedomPop is a wonderful company that is providing a needed service for everyone who is short on cash. The cheap services provide more data and talk time, and the free services help those who simply cannot afford anything at all. FreedomPop must expand as they feel it is their duty, and there are many people who are truly grateful to have such an opportunity.

FreedomPop is moving into Europe swiftly with the help of their investors, and those who cannot afford traditional service will find help in the form of discounted plans. The free and discounted offerings from FreedomPop will change the way wireless is offered in Europe.

George Soros Big Comeback in Campaign Donation Circuit

This electioneering period has seen George Soros make a big comeback in the campaign donation trail. reports that Soros donated a total of $8 million to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2015. To reach this total, Soros made a $6 million donation to Priorities USA in December. Priorities USA is one of the largest super PAC’s supporting Clinton’s campaign. A report filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) indicates that Priorities USA Action raised $25 million in the second half of 2015, while the year’s total stood at $41 million. The super PAC closed the year on a solid footing with $36 million in the bank.
Early in 2015, Soros donated $1 million donation to another Pro-Clinton supporting super PAC, the American Bridge 21st Century. Soros is traditionally a long-time Democratic Party donor. In 2004 and 2012, he fundraised for John Kerry presidential run and President Obama’s successful reelection respectively. During the 2008 Democratic party primaries, Soros regretted not supporting Hillary Clinton’s shot at presidency during the Democratic Party primaries, some highly revealing emails released by the State Department in December showed. Soros appreciated the fact that the former Secretary of State was willing to meet him and give him an open door to discus policy.

In the 2016 race to state house, Hillary Clinton is competing against Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side. On campaign fundraising on the GOP side, Trump can easily fund his own campaign, but his main contenders Ted Cruz and Marc Rubio must continue hitting the fundraising circuits. A CNN report indicates that at the end of 2015, Donald Trump lent his campaign $12 million. A FEC report also shows that his campaign raised $2 million in the 4th quarter of 2015. Cruz, who recently won the Iowa Caucuses, closed 2015 with $18.5 million after raising $20.5 million in the last three months of the year. Rubio, on the other hand, raised $7 million in the last three months of 2015 and ended the year with $10.39 million

About George Soros
On a personal level, George Soros 85 is very passionate about writing. His works which include opinionated essays and articles constantly feature in various leading newspapers and magazines. According to, his 14 books provide insights into how he approaches business and investing. He also shares his personal perspectives on a host of issues including philanthropy, politics, open societies, politics and globalization. His book “The Age Fallibility” that was published in June 2007 talks about his business dealings. Soros made a fortune by anticipating ground breaking shifts in the financial markets. The bestselling book also covers a topic that has preoccupied his mind since 2001, the degenerate state of America.