Qnet Hobnobs With Bollywood Stars While Making A Donation To Flood Victims

At the first IIFA Utsavam South Indian film awards ceremony, dedicated to the flood relief for the people in Chennai, Qnet got into the spirit by donating 200 household relief kits to families who lost everything in the flood. QNET India takes pride in help victims of natural disasters through their QNET – WE CARE program, with help from the Lion’s Club and other credible organizations. 

Qnet is an ecommerce company that depends on its independent representatives to promote the company’s products to consumers, allowing individuals to achieve financial independence by starting their own business. Independent representatives earn money from commissions and by recruiting others to become representatives. Qnet recently launched several apps for representatives so all of their reps can work from a mobile office, managing their commissions and creating presentations for people interested in joining the network. Qnet has a variety of life enhancing products, many of which are showcased on the company’s official YouTube Channel. There are also several exclusive products, available only from Qnet.

The official company website features stories from people in over 100 countries who found success with network marketing. Qnet has been around since 1998; it is headquartered in Hong Kong and the direct selling company has become one of Asia’s top ecommerce firms.

The company is well-known for its ethical behavior, sponsorship of various sports teams and its dedication to helping the homeless and destitute through its various charitable programs. Follow Qnet on Facebook or Twitter to learn more about the company’s network marketing opportunities or Qnet’s exclusive products.