February, 2016

Darius Fisher Highlights The Importance Of Employee Satisfaction

Being a boss himself, Darius Fisher knows just how important employee satisfaction is to the employees and the company’s overall well being. Darius Fisher highlights that higher employee satisfaction results in better productivity at the office. Employee satisfaction also reduces employee turnover, which Fisher knows firsthand can be very costly and challenging for companies to deal with. Below are some of Darius Fisher’s tips on how make sure employees are satisfied and happy at work.

The first tip that Fisher gives is to give credit where it is due to employees. If an employee just completed a big deal, or landed a big audience for a client, Fisher is not shy about giving his employees praise. He not only praises them directly with enthusiasm, but lets his entire staff know about the accomplishments of an employee who has achieved something great. Recognizing achievements and praising employees for their hard work is a surefire way to increase employee satisfaction.

Another tip that employers should pay heed, is to offer raises for top performing employees. If you have an employee that is doing an excellent job at your company, you should give him a raise as an incentive to stay. Too many companies notes Fisher lose employees because they fail to give them adequate raises. For more tips from Darius Fisher check out this Forbes Article.

Darius Fisher is considered a rising star in the public relations and digital marketing world. He co-founded digital reputation managements agency Status Labs in 2011. Mr. Fisher has lead Status Labs of back to back years of expansion and growth. His firm has expanded outside the United States and now has a presence in South America with an office in Brazil.

Darius Fisher attended college in Vanderbilt University where he studied economics. He graduated with honors there. Fisher has worked as a copy writer and a political consultant before establishing Status Labs in 2011. Status Labs’ most notable service is online reputation crisis management. The firm also offers protection services against slander and defamation. This is done through building up a strong online presence that will help cushion a blow to an individual’s online reputation.

Beneful Keeps Your Dog Healthy And Active

The main reason that we bought our dog was to help keep our home safe from intruders. Having a dog in your house is a deterrent for possible threats. People are less likely to approach your home when they hear a dog barking. It makes your home look active, like there is always someone home. Having an alert watch dog is better than a security system in some neighborhoods. A watch dog is a protector that makes sure that no one takes advantage of your household while you are away, and they keep an ear out while you are home or asleep.

Keeping Your Dog Active

We learned pretty quickly that we couldn’t feed our dog just anything if we wanted him to be a good protector. We feed him Beneful premium dog foods because it keeps him active all day long. Our dog chows down on Beneful’s Chopped Blends. It looks like a great and tasty meal for him. It smells great, too. It has this lovely aroma because it is made with real ingredients that dogs should eat. I trust Beneful, and I trust the way they make their foods. They always impress me when I open up a new package of Chopped Blends for my dog.

Chopped Blends comes in 20 different flavors, so there seems to be an endless supply of new tastes for our dog to experience. It seem like our dog likes the taste of the one made with real chicken and tomatoes best so far, but he likes them all. He just seems like he likes that one in particular the most, so I make it a point to pick up an extra one of that type when I go to the pet store. My dog also likes Beneful’s dog treats.



Mike Paul Improving Public Relations

Status Labs is bringing a new person to their team to help develop their brand and help you grow successfully. The truth about this online reputation management is the fact that they are growing every day and are coming up with new ideas to project success no matter what. Status Labs is bringing on Mike Paul from the Reputation Doctor LLC to help further their brand.

Mike Paul has been in business for countless years. His 25 years of being in this industry, you will find that they have built their brand successfully in so many ways. Mike Paul has worked so hard to enhance his skills as a reputation management professional. His crisis management solution has guaranteed that there is serious success and professional growth.

Mike Paul has definitely one of the most reliable resumes behind this crisis management industry because of his immense knowledge with both traditional and online media. Status Labs has proven that their marketing solution delivers real results no matter where they are located. They have used all kinds of online marketing, search engine optimization, and even traditional public relations advertisements that deliver real video.

Status Labs has been known for their successful and reliable ideas that have built brands back to the top using efficient marketing tactics that can save a brand from any crisis. There are plenty of things that they offer, but it is in their online marketing reputation management where they stand out. They constantly deliver and strive to come up with new ideas that actually work to protect brands from losing their business. It is difficult to have a brand go out of business inefficiently, and the key is to have a plan of action in place to grow your brand. Mike Paul has striven to come up with new ideas and tactics to help generate serious results. This marketing company is always looking for unique marketing tactics that generate serious brand redevelopment to struggling companies to start over again and continue their brand despite the controversy they may have been hit by. Their solutions will be improved upon by having Paul join.

Qnet Hobnobs With Bollywood Stars While Making A Donation To Flood Victims

At the first IIFA Utsavam South Indian film awards ceremony, dedicated to the flood relief for the people in Chennai, Qnet got into the spirit by donating 200 household relief kits to families who lost everything in the flood. QNET India takes pride in help victims of natural disasters through their QNET – WE CARE program, with help from the Lion’s Club and other credible organizations. 

Qnet is an ecommerce company that depends on its independent representatives to promote the company’s products to consumers, allowing individuals to achieve financial independence by starting their own business. Independent representatives earn money from commissions and by recruiting others to become representatives. Qnet recently launched several apps for representatives so all of their reps can work from a mobile office, managing their commissions and creating presentations for people interested in joining the network. Qnet has a variety of life enhancing products, many of which are showcased on the company’s official YouTube Channel. There are also several exclusive products, available only from Qnet.

The official company website features stories from people in over 100 countries who found success with network marketing. Qnet has been around since 1998; it is headquartered in Hong Kong and the direct selling company has become one of Asia’s top ecommerce firms.

The company is well-known for its ethical behavior, sponsorship of various sports teams and its dedication to helping the homeless and destitute through its various charitable programs. Follow Qnet on Facebook or Twitter to learn more about the company’s network marketing opportunities or Qnet’s exclusive products.

The Life Legacy of Bruce Levenson

The business world in America is well known for churning out big names, investors and sending certain companies into Forbes magazine even. Bruce Levenson, a one time NBA team owner, is a prime example of this.

Bruce Levenson was born on October 1, 1949 in a wealthy neighborhood in Washington, D.C. and then later moved to Chevy Chase, Maryland, where he spent a large chunk of his youth. Once he came of age, Levenson went across the country and attended Washington University in St. Louis in Missouri. After graduating, he returned back home to attend the law school at American University, taking some journalism activities in the process.

After finishing with law school, Levenson took his first route into the business world by first founding the United Communications Group along with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The company, which operated out of Gaithersburg, Maryland, was geared towards business information and specialized in data and news analysis as well as new information trends regarding healthcare, changes in technology and telecommunications. Despite this success in this field, Levenson’s most notable claim to fame is becoming a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks franchise in the NBA. In 2004, the company Atlanta Spirit, which was the holder for the Hawks, was officially created and used to buy the team from Turner Broadcasting. With Levenson and Peskowitz now involved in this, the two were now majority partners of the company which owned the Hawks team and Phillips Arena by extension. The Atlanta Thrashers hockey team was also supposed to be included in this new deal, but the National Hockey League had already ended up buying the team by 2011. Recently, Levenson had decided to put the team up for sale, along with Hawks CEO Steve Koonin and the team was eventually sold off to Antony Ressler, an entrepreneur who bought the team for a total of $850 million.

With a high business acumen and an NBA team on his resume, Bruce Levenson has taken part in other venues besides the business world. For example, he is a founding donor to the United States Holocaust Museum, specifically the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program, which educated city students on the Holocaust, its effect on the world and what can be learned from this part of history. This is also pertinent, considering that Levenson is part of a Jewish family. Levenson and his wife are also responsible for the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland, College Park. The purpose of this program is to teach college students how to properly manage a nonprofit organization.


FreedomPop Expanding Inexpensive Services

FreedomPop is all about giving individuals the choice of inexpensive mobile services. For many people, they have seen their mobile phone service cost increase drastically over the last decade. With the inclusion of texting and the inclusion of data, many people have seen their mobile phone bills exceed triple digits. That is before ever considering going overseas with the phone. Many people see their bills triple in cost if they decide to use their phones in different countries. Whether using it for the data or for the talking ability, the cost of someone using their mobile phone can drastically increase several times over. However, FreedomPop does not think that should be the case. That is why it recently raised over $50 million in order to create a reliable connection with overseas carriers, all in hopes of cutting down what customers are likely going to pay while out of the country.

For the time being, international roaming fees are part of the world of mobile phones. When a user of one carrier enters into a different country, their phone connects to the new carrier. This takes up some bandwidth on the other carrier, so the carrier charges the native carrier a price per minute. This amount is typically low. However, most large carriers than exploit the service and charge a customer far more than what the company had to pay. FreedomPop does not do this. This way, consumers can pay far less than ever before. However, the raised $50 million will a long way to push these prices further down.

With the raised money, FreedomPop is making deals with large overseas networks to allow customers the ability to use the international networks at a lower cost. This makes FreedomPop the go-to network for anyone looking to travel internationally in the future.

The Best Tasting Dish in the Kitchen Might Surprise Some People

When people go into the kitchen or dining room there’s always an implicit question. People are curious on facebook about what the tastiest meal being prepared is. But an article published by the Daily Herald suggests that the best food might actually be on the floor. Or, rather, in the dog food dish sitting on the floor. Because the article is all about a new trend in high quality gourmet dog food. The idea that dog food might be at or even above human standards may well seem like hyperbole at first. But this idea is quickly put to rest as the reporter gets a tour of a modern dog food manufacturing facility. Because much to the reporter’s surprise, the executives giving the tour actually took a quick taste test of their own product. As one happily chewed the turkey and chicken he was even heard to exclaim that it tasted just like thanksgiving. And this is only one of many examples of companies which have recently been founded to create dog food that’s much closer to human quality than one would ever expect. But it’s not quite as new a trend as many people might think. In fact, it dates back to around 2001 with the creation of a company called Beneful. This high quality dog food brand was created around the idea of making the best possible dog food. They wanted to ensure that dogs could live as happy and healthy lives as possible. And they were well aware that one of the best ways to do so came from harnessing the nutritional benefits of high quality foods. But this also brought in some other fantastic aspects which other companies are only just now starting to catch on to. One of the most important things is that Beneful realized that high quality nutrition only comes from high quality food. So instead of the common practice of relying on artificial additives for flavor, they simply used real food. The chicken flavor comes from actual chicken. The same goes for the beef, they healthy veggies, and all of the other ingredients. This ensures that Purina Beneful’s meals are not only delicious, but healthy as well. And something that a dog’s owner might even look at with a bit of envy when meal time comes around.