Hair Care Advice to Add to Your Routine and Why Wen by Chaz Is Considerable

Hollywood is a place that sets the bar in a multitude of industries. Aside from being home to some of the greatest movie stars and musical artists, talented individuals reside here that specialize in another important field: Hair care. Chaz Dean is a celebrity stylist who is also responsible for the production of luxury hair care blends. Despite his Hollywood demeanor, the formulas crafted by this man are affordable and worth the price by a long shot.
The YouTube advertisements in favor of Wen by Chaz products carry the utmost truth with them. The hair you see the models sporting is the hair that is produced by those who opt to use these incredible products. Whereas most shampoos and conditioners simply cleanse the hair, this opulent brand stimulates the production of hair growth, shine, and volume. Dean’s passion for hair has been apparent his whole life and he places that fervor in each bottle. When it comes to healthy locks, though, many factors should also be considered. Dean sells his products on Amazon.

Avoid Conditioning Your Roots

When applying conditioner to your hair, it is important to start from the middle and work it to the tips. When this thick substance is applied directly to the scalp, it weighs hair down in a way that prevents growth and the appearance of volume.

Let It Soak in

It is salient to never leave conditioner in your hair for extended periods of time, but occasionally deep conditioning for thirty minutes once a month is ideal. Simply apply a Wen by Chaz conditioner to your hair, place a shower cap over it, let it sit for thirty minutes, and rinse it thoroughly.

Heat Protection Is Not a Myth

Some women opt to ignore the warning signs when it comes to using heat products on their hair. Applying heat to your hair often can damage it, so it is important to invest in heat protectant products and to consider leaving that heat out of your beauty routine more often.

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Approaching and Capitalizing on an SEC Whistleblower Case

Obtaining an SEC whistleblower attorney is something that is absolutely essential if you are a person that has some type of information that can expose a corrupt business. Many people have access to information that they realize is illegal, but there are few people that are willing to make the bold move to come forward with such information. This apprehension when it comes to spilling the beans is based on the fact that when someone comes forward with such information, they are literally putting their livelihood on the line. However, this scenario has drastically lost traction, as an SEC whistleblower lawyer, as well as the laws that have been put in place to protect people who want to come forward with information, provide the perfect means for a person to come forward. Some people simply want to get the monkey off their back, in the sense that they do not want to feel guilty for knowing that they are aware of illegal activity and are not saying anything and for these people, there is a golden opportunity in the making. Not only can these whistleblowers gain full anonymity and be fully protected against backlash from the companies that they are exposing, but they can receive a heft reward.

Just this summer, the second largest award was given to a whistleblower that made the decision to come forward, after retaining the representation of Jordan Thomas, who is a whistleblower attorney. A lot of people may not even know that there are these types of lawyers that specialize in these types of cases, but based on the fact that there have been so many high profile cases, many law firms are starting to hop on board and only take these cases. The reason why these types of law firms, as well as the lawyers that work for them, are the best option for any whistleblower to hire is the fact that they deal with these cases daily. Hiring a regular lawyer is not going to provide the same likely outcome of success that is probably going to be delivered by a lawyer who works these cases day in and day out, so if you are someone who knows some sort of information and would like to expose it, it is highly advisable that you seek a lawyer that specializes in these cases. This will afford you the best chance of keeping your identity safe, holding the company accountable and getting a payday as well.

Join The Millions Of Members Who Love Fabletics

Fabletics has become such an obsession with some members that they are constantly shopping on the website or finding themselves visiting the stores. Anyone who likes activewear can find something that they like on the Fabletics website, especially since the website is constantly adding new products all the time. Those who want activewear for the games they play or the activities they do can find some great clothing on the Fabletics website. The activewear for men on the Fabletics site is lower in cost than most other activewear stores and websites, which is what has made Fabletics so beloved among those who are active.

Women looking for activewear will find all kinds of stuff on the Fabletics website, especially tight fitting pants known as yoga pants. These pants are extremely sexy and form fitting and looks great on those who wear them. Whether a woman does yoga or not doesn’t matter because she can still wear the pants anywhere on Many women who like to speed walk or jog will wear yoga pants, and the pants are also great for any other type of activity, even if it’s playing a game of some kind. Fabletics has it all or both sexes that want amazing activewear to look and feel good in.

Fabletics has a simple set up that’s easy to figure out because it simply requires a user to purchase a membership if they want lower prices on their purchases. Those who are members can get up to a 50% discount or more on the future purchases that they make, and every month that they pay their membership fee, they’ll be able to get a new outfit sent out to them. Even those that use their membership in the Fabletics stores will still be able to enjoy the membership as if they had signed up online.

Each time a membership is purchased from any company, there are some who worry about cancellation problems. Fableticss doesn’t hold anyone hostage and allows its users to cancel at any time. Those that don’t want to cancel but only want a break from the monthly payments can put their membership on hold in order to avoid making a payment for that month. The cost for a Fabletics membership is $49.95 monthly. Points and rewards are earned with each purchase, so getting free products or discounted products in the future is easier than ever when buying from Fabletics.

A Closer Look at Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is the Co-Founder & CEO at Swiss Startup Factory, where he is responsible for the fundraising and finance rounds for the firm. Swiss Startup Factory was founded in 2012 and is a Zurich, Switzerland based startup accelerator.

Prior to his work at the Factory, Mr. Baur worked in Finance, and he possesses 20 years of experience in the Swiss banking industry. Mike received an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Bern. Max Meister and Oliver Walzer are also Co-Founders at Swiss Startup Factory.

In February of this year, Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) joined forces with the Geneva based Fintech Accelerator Fusion. The endeavor is an effort to join the often disparate French and Swiss German regions of the country. The combined firms’ ability to bridge any language gaps and communicate across the entire nation is an important and impactful benefit of the collaboration.

Another recent collaboration, announced at the end of 2015, and effective as of January, 2016, is the partnership between SSUF and CTI Invest. According to a release from late last year, the two firms “will start a close cooperation in order to further develop the Swiss Startup Ecosystem.” Mr. Baur has been named Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest, a position formerly held by Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier. The appointment of Vuillemier to the Swiss Startup Factory leadership team as a Managing Partner further cements the commitment between the two entities.

The Factory accepts digital entrepreneurs into its three month program and provides them with mentorship, connections in Switzerland and around the globe, and office space located in central Zurich. The next three month accelerator program, S16, begins in September; the application information may be found here. SSUF continues to work with four candidates from the Winter (W16) program: beaconsmind, which works in the sales industry;, an online service for the car repair industry; Struckd, a casual game design service that does not require any programming knowledge on the part of the user; and Velohub / blinkers, an integral safety system for bicycles interacting with other vehicles.

Through his work creating and expanding SSUF, Mike Baur has established a very strong position for himself in the Swiss, and global, entrepreneurial field.

Getting Your Reputation Trashed Online Can Be Fixed

Congressman Anthony Weiner became notorious for sharing pictures of his male equipment on social media. He probably could not believe how quickly the online blow-back ended his political carrier. It happens to many people these days, and it can be because of malicious trolls smearing you, or it can be because you got too inebriated and drunk-shared a picture online that you would never want your customers, clients, or employers to see. Then those people do see it, because someone you had not expected shared the incriminating photo! Here is the article about Weiner’s reputation failure.
The very first thing to do? Do not let yourself slide into disorienting panic. Even one bad post can poison your personal or business’s reputation. It could be something that you might think is fairly innocuous, but which the general public will typically respond badly to. The second thing to do is to get into action and hire a professional reputation recovery and management company. These companies are adept at making such smear campaigns go away and giving your business and your life a second chance. That is to say, when they are done, no one will likely find the old, problematic post in any online searches.

Here are the next steps to take, according to reputation recovery experts, in order to retake your life back:

  • Generate positive actions.
  • Admit to the problem and determine to fix it.

Of course, to do this recovery of your reputation or your company’s reputation correctly, it is important to retain one of these reputation recovery firms. They will quickly help you make, whatever online faux pas is causing you problems, go away. One thing they will do is contact the web admins for any web page that contains the offending data. If the admin refuses, you might need to get an attorney to ask a judge for an injunction against the offending company. In this way they can be forced to remove the damaging picture, video, sound recording, or text comments. This is now possible because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that the U.S. made into law, recently.


The New Whistleblower Program Provides Incentive And Protection For Whisteblowers

After the economic meltdown triggered by corrupt and unethical practices in the financial industry, the United States federal government stepped in to prevent another such catastrophe from occurring. One of the actions taken by Congress was the creation of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This law signed into Congress in 2010 provides monetary incentives and protection for whistlerblowers who are looking to report unethical conduct, violations of law or coverups to the Securities and Exchanges Commission.

The financial incentive of the whistleblower program of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act includes a range of 10-30% of settlements for cases prosecuted by the SEC going directly to the whisteblower. To summarize this in other words, if a whisteblower reveals a company to be in violation of the rules set forth by the SEC, and they are get guilty, the whisteblower will receive a significant monetary percentage of that settlement. This 10-30% percent rage is for settlements that have at least a $1 million dollar settlement or more.

To give an example of the draw of the new whistleblower program, consider this. If a company is successfully sued or settles with the SEC for $10 million dollars the whistleblower could receive anywhere from $1 to $3 million dollars as part of the financial incentive program. Additionally, the whistleblower can claim additional reward money if their actions result in other successful prosecution by other government agencies. The new whistle blower program is designed to encourage whistleblowers to come forward and reveal corrupt practices by offering them significant financial compensation stepping forward.

Furthermore, the legislation of the Dodd Frank Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act gives whistleblowers the protection they need to come forward. Retaliation is prohibited by both past and present employers when a whisteblower follows the guidelines of the act.

If you are a whistleblower and believe you have a case against a company, it is highly suggested that you hire at attorney to help you build a case against a former or current employer. Being represented by an attorney will allow you to report violations anonymously. An example of a great law firm that specializes in whisteblower program cases is Labaton Sucharaow. This law firm was a pioneer in establishing a litigation team dedicated to processing whistleblower cases. A whole team of forensic accountants, investigators and prosecutors will work to help you prove that violations were indeed committed in court. The firm will also help you to claim a reward from any settlements that occur. Consultations at Labaton Sucharow are free and confidential so whistleblowers have nothing to lose.

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Using Norka Luque for Help in the Music Industry

In terms of the music industry, people are ever growing and expanding in this particular field. This is why Norka Luque has made one of the top albums in the area and they are making use this field for themselves when it comes to producing amazing quality music for those who are looking to get the help they need to make it big. The fact that Norka Luque can be there for you when you need help with the music industry is one of the best options for those who would like to create their own albums but know that they need help and assistance from a company that is able to do all of this for them.

Norka Luque can be found on many social media outlets and is there for you when you need it the most. They can be found on sites such as Facebook and Twitter and you can get into contact with them and just a matter of minutes. This is why so many people have been making the decision to contact and hire Norka Luque because of the fact that they have the experience and knowledge needed for you to get the job done. There’s nothing wrong with getting help and assistance that you need when you were trying to get established in the music industry and do not know how to do it all on your own.

The fact that Norka Luque can be there for you when you need help in the music industry is one of the easiest ways for you to get started in this field. Whether you want to create your own album or just want to record a little bit, Norka Luque is there to make sure it is easier for you and that you are using all of the state-of-the-art equipment that is available in the industry. This is the time for you to contact Norka Luque and see if they were going to be able to help you in the music industry as well and you can even visit some of their many social media accounts to find out more about their business practices and anything else that you might need. For a lot of people, this is the company that they trust the most and if they have used with amazing experience in the past for either themselves or for their loved ones who are involved in the music industry.

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Don Ressler, the Brand Builder and Business Guru

Don Ressler is a personality that is associated with many start-up ventures including Intelligent Beauty and many of its subsidiaries. His first start-up company in the name of was sold to Intermix Media in 2001. Later, Ressler teamed up with Intermix CEO Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media. This e-commerce and performance advertising division generated revenue that ran into millions of dollars. This company too was sold to News Corp in 2005. However, its performance deteriorated due to change in management.

Intelligent Beauty was created by the two partners as an online marketplace for DERMSTORE which dealt with skin care products and cosmetics. SENSA was also added as a platform which provided a weight loss program. These two ventures were highly profitable and contributed significantly to Intelligent Beauty’s revenues. Don Ressler did not stop here as he launched JustFab, an e-commerce fashion subscription retailer. JustFab, was launched through a $33 million contribution by Matrix Partners, has a membership of over 3 million clients in Europe. In 2013, he purchased a children fashion subscription service by the name of Fabkids. This was followed by the launching of Fabletics, which is an athletic wear site that was developed in collaboration with an influential athlete and style icon by the name of Kate Hudson at

The brand building and business acquisition prowess by Don Ressler was once more evident with the acquisition of a rival shoe subscription service company known as ShoeDazzle making it the latest member of the JustFab family of enterprises. He also ventured out into the offline business where he opened his first flagship store in the year 2013. The latest records on Forbes show that the company has a capitalization in excess of $250 million with an ever expanding membership. Since his early days, Ressler has always been consulting with many companies that were ready to exploit the vast potential that existed on the internet.

Don Ressler is a widely known entrepreneur who has raised over $100 million for many of his internet companies and has made sales in excess of $1 billion. He is known for spearheading core ventures which have proved beneficial to shareholders in general. Mr. Ressler and his wife are passionate athletes and have turned the athletic wear industry into a fashion industry. He is a brand builder who knows how to create brands and maintain their edge in a competitive environment.

Jelly Beans Of All Flavors

One of the recent vlogs that Wengie has posted on YouTube involves jelly beans that have a slightly different taste than what you would expect. She took on the challenge of trying to determine which color was the real jelly bean and full of good flavors and which one was full of flavors that make you cringe. It’s called the Bean Boozled Challenge, and it’s a popular game among teens and young adults who like eating jelly beans.

There is a large container of jelly beans that Wengie has that looks like a game. When you pull the center of the container up, there are two beans. You don’t know if the beans are the good flavors or the disgusting flavors. The goal of the game is to try the beans without knowing what kind you have. Each person chooses a bean to eat. Wengie decides to smell the bean before she puts it in her mouth. The bean that she chooses is either coconut or spoiled milk. There is a chart on the back of the container that shows the flavor of each bean. Fortunately, she had coconut. The next turn yields the same color. Max chooses a bean that could either be dead fish or strawberry banana smoothie. Wengie’s luck runs out as she has spoiled milk. Max has dead fish in his challenge. The challenge continues as the pair find flavors that are tasty and beans that they spit out because they are so disgusting, such as barf and grass clippings.
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Mike Baur, the Builder of Swiss Startup Factory

Who is Mike Baur? This is a question that many young entrepreneurs in the digital field will ask so often. To answer the question, Mike Baur is the co-founder and managing partner of the Zurich-based company known as the Swiss Startup Factory. This company which he co-founded with two other partners, has become the leading privately owned and independent ICT startup accelerator that is transforming the lives of young entrepreneurs.

Mike Baur’s life history is a tale of a promising career in banking and finance which started at a tender age. He has devoted about 20 years of his life to private banking in Switzerland, rising through the ranks from a commercial apprentice at UBS to become an executive board member of renowned Swiss private banks like Sallfort and Clariden.

Mike Baur lives in Fribourg, Switzerland and is a holder of an MBA from Rochester New York and an executive MBA from the University of Bern, Switzerland. He dedicates his time sponsoring, supporting and mentoring various Swiss startups by taking advantage of the Swiss youth entrepreneurship platform. In the year 2014, he co-founded the Swiss startup factory with the sole objective of providing young and talented entrepreneurs based in Switzerland with a platform to guide them through the process that is able to refine their ambitions and also
introduces them to decent business life.

The company offers various services to the young entrepreneurs in the form of finance, coaching, mentoring and access to large business networks of investors and entrepreneurs. It also provides them the office atmosphere by providing them with office space, desks and conference facilities at very affordable rates. The other services that this company provides includes accounting and financial services like managing payrolls, invoices, tax and VAT reporting, cash flow reports and many other financial related services.

However, their core activity is their provision of the startup accelerator program. This is a three months program that tries to support young entrepreneurs to develop and refine their talents and is precisely targeted to young entrepreneurs in the digital field. The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) provides an extensive network of business leads and has partnered with Fintech Accelerator Fussion company based in Geneva to provide a comprehensive program to the young talents in the digital technologies.

This is a contribution that Mike Baur is offering to thriving young entrepreneurs in trying to improve their stature in the business world and more so in Switzerland.